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Although we love our children very much, they can be a handful at times and can drive you absolutely batty. Without a way to center yourself, the constant grinding on your nerves can be very harmful to yourself and your environment. Stress, regardless of its source, can be a cause of mental anguish as well as physical complications. When the children are climbing the drapes and your sanity is about to be put on hold, how can you find this method of relaxing?

1. Finding the Time – One of the most important aspects of meditating is silence. With a house filled with the bustling of children, this may be quite difficult. Many suggest finding time in the morning when the family is still sleeping. Perhaps you could wake up ten to twenty minutes earlier and find time to center yourself before the day begins. Others may feel that night time is a great time to unwind and reflect on the happenings of the day. In either case, you need to find time for you that doesn’t involve chasing after the little ones.

2. Breathing – Proper breathing techniques can be greatly beneficial for those instances where you can’t get away for a few minutes. Three long deep breaths in and out will surprisingly relax your body. Some believe this is the act of increasing oxygen to the brain which can allow you to process information more thoroughly. There are literally hundreds of breathing techniques that you can do virtually anywhere. Find one that works best for you.

3. Grasp at Moments – Periodically throughout your day, you may come across a few moments of peace where you can meditate in solitude without being interrupted by children screaming. If you realize that the atmosphere is surprisingly quiet, check to make sure the children are OK. If all is well, take a few moments for yourself and relax. It may be short lived, but even a few moments of meditation can help you keep composure.

4. In the Shower – Personally, I find solace meditating in the shower. By sitting in the lotus position on the floor, I focus on the sound of the water hitting my body and splashing onto the surface around me. If the children are sleeping, I like to turn off the lights while doing this in order to deprive myself of sensory obstacles. Don’t laugh; you’d be shocked at how much better you’d feel.

5. Patience – One of the main driving forces for one to feel stressed out from any situation is from the inability to have control. Instead of looking at things in a negative aspect, try to put a more positive spin on circumstance. For instance, it may be upsetting to walk into your kid’s bedroom and find that he or she has produced amazing artwork in permanent ink on every wall. Instead of focusing on the mess, you could see it as your child’s way of expressing him or herself artistically. Maybe a pad of paper would be a better alternative. Besides, it now gives you a reason to add that coat of paint or change the color of the room.

Not every technique works for everyone the same way. Regardless of the method you choose to employ, there remains one inescapable rule. You need to find quiet time for yourself in order to maintain a steady disposition for the family.

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