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That’s right, you heard it here first, “Self Care is the new Health Care” said by the lovely Tosca Reno.  As we chatted her words resonated with me. Since having our son, I fell quickly towards the bottom of my priority list. It wasn’t intentional but since my role in life had changed, I had to change, which meant me taking time out for myself made me selfish, which meant everything came before me…right?

Now after some lessons life has brought my way and careful examination of my current state as well as having a wonderful support system, the light has switched on. I know I’m not the only one in this boat. So if you’re reading this and it sounds familiar take a small moment to evaluate where you currently stand on your priority list. I found that taking the time for a nice swim at GoodLife Fitness or a long shower or actually running a comb through my hair (doesn’t get better than that) made me not selfish but made me feel like ME again.

Tosca shares how you can reach your most authentic, beautiful and healthy you by eliminating any pre-conceived thoughts on what “fitness and health” should look like.  She also shares how as women we can help each other out in motivating each other to a better self care regime. Being completely engrossed in everything family or household related without remembering to do anything for yourself won’t be much help when you end up always sick and tired. I know it’s harsh but these reminders to do things for yourself and love yourself.

“Authenticity is the new Currency”~Tosca Reno
Find what Tosca means by this in the video below.

Adult colouring books are a huge thing right now as they put you into a state of meditation. Finding your zone and what makes you happy goes a long way to happiness. So tell me, how do you get into the zone?

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