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Before I begin I just want to say thank you for stopping by and getting to know me a little better. I’m Jesse, that is not a short form for Jessica but for Jesseny. My parents decided they wanted to Canadian-ize my original intended name so they came up with Jesseny. Not Canadian or really anything at all but it’s me and it works.

Spreading the news about health and wellness is something Jesseny has been involved in for over 12 years. She is a high performance athletic trainer at one of the most prestigious private clubs in Canada.

Jesseny has been selected to present at various speaking engagements for health and wellness related topics.   Her last presentation was on The Truth About Weight Management to a group of elite professionals in the business and health fields. She was also chosen to present to high level figure skaters for Skate Canada Northern Ontario Section.

Online Jesseny has been contracted to write pieces for BestHealthMag.ca. As a relatively new blogger, Jesseny’s The Empowered Momma has been frequently featured on Savvy Mom, an online website with a large readership.

Even before her own pregnancy journey, Jesseny has been sought after to train ladies during this exciting time of their lives. This gained her the recognition in this specialized category that she was asked to write the entire chapter geared towards exercise in Canada’s Pregnancy Care Guide, published in 2009.

After graduating from Fitness & Lifestyle Management, Jesseny continued her education to study directly under Paul Chek and his teachings on Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Exercising Practitioner. She then continued her quest to get more in depth with her understanding of human movement and anatomy when she discovered Guy Voyer D.O. For 4 years of intensive study, Jesseny learned under the tutelage Mr.Voyer , an Osteopath from France, human anatomy, biomechanics and Osteopathic techniques.

A Little More About Me

The desire to achieve what I believed to be beautiful and what I thought happiness was were both being charged by the perceptions I created throughout my life.  My concern for everyone around me blocked my ability to feel and love my true self. After many failed attempts at various gimmick and fad diets, I took charge of my life and regained back control.

The Empowered Momma_About Me copy

I finally embraced me! The peace I have found within my inner environment has opened many wonderful doors in my life.

I cherish the moments I have in the present and look forward to future.

However, the future is now and the most incredible journey of my life has begun, I became a momma. Perceptions change and life as I once knew is the thing of the past. My new reality is charged with so much love and excitement on what is to come.

My goal is to empower you with helpful tips on keeping the family, household and yourself, happy, healthy and SANE!!!

Workouts are geared towards getting you moving whether it’s for 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes and even during a commercial break. After much trial and error, eating for nutrition became first and foremost by selecting fun and simple recipes. Eating to lose weight is no longer the driving factor behind what fuels my body. It’s all about choosing foods that provides premium gas for our incredible machine and for those of our loved ones.

We all have to start somewhere, but hey, the first step is all it takes to move forward. For me it was about Meal planning.

Living a healthy life isn’t always easy if you think of it as work or a chore. At first it will require some work and extra time to get into a routine of the choices you are making on your journey. I share extra Motivation and lifestyle tips to help encourage an Empowered Life.

As a full time working momma to busy body toddler and a wife, you can say there are a lot of balls I’m juggling at once. My new venture is in the world of YouTube where I plan on bringing you  more exciting tips.

Although, Jesseny’s influence online has only just begun, she feels that her contribution to health, wellness and motherhood (watch silly first YouTube video) is well on its way. She is active on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

 Jesseny lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and best friend with their son and fur baby.

In love, laughter and happiness.Jesseny

Please feel free to email me at empoweredmomma(at)gmail(dot)com with your questions, comments or suggestions.