Snacking Smart with Threeworks Apple Chips

When a snack attack hits what do you do? Do you find the closest drive thru restaurant and order something on the fly? Do you wait until your starving and binge on whatever you can get your hands on? Over the course of the weeks leading up for the official listing date we spent many […]

Revitasize: Revitalize Organic Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Review

I recently completed my first EVER 5 day juice cleanse, YAY me for sticking with it. Honestly it wasn’t that difficult. Yup this is coming from a momma that loves her food. Aside from Day 4′s nagging headache which was a result of not drinking enough water;  I never had the urge to cheat or […]

Cauliflower-Crusted Pizza…delicious

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well-Virginia Woolf New adventures, new goals, new beginnings with fresh thoughts and actions. For me, this begins in the kitchen. I’ve decided that my current recipes on our weekly menu have become stale and need to be completely overhauled. I’ve also decided […]

Gluten Free Holiday Cookie recipes

Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice when it comes to your holiday baking. This year I’ve decided to bake cookies instead of sticking to the well received and leaving them wanting more Almond Date Pineapple Bites.  I must say, the hubby, the child and myself are  quite pleased with this […]

Anti-Innflammatory Power Tea and Smoothie

After my accident 3 weeks ago where it is suspected by various health case professionals (MRI waiting) I tore my ACL and medial meniscus. It has been quite the ride with 8 straight days of immobility due to not being able to place any sort of pressure on my right leg. Followed by more days […]

POOP and Your Health: The Secrets from Within

A key sign to good healthy comes from within and from within I mean your poop, your turd, your doodie, your stool, your fecal matter, your shit! Whatever you want to call it’s a key indicator of what’s happening inside within. Check out these signs that your poop is telling you, no, it’s SCREAMING at […]

What’s Your True Weight with the Dukan Diet

I first heard about the Dukan Diet during the royal wedding hype. Rumors flew that the now Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton  and her sister Pippa were following this diet in preparation for the wedding. Next one of my friends asked me my thoughts  on the diet shortly afterwards. I didn’t know much about it until […]