GM Diet – Everything You Need to Know

GM Diet – Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the GM Diet Plan

GM diet is a diet program prepared as a service to all General Motors Inc. employees and board of directors. This program has been established and a grant from the US Department of Agriculture and the BFAD administration. The main objective of this diet program is to help the employees and dependents of General Motors to lose weight and feel good about themselves.

Data shows that these diet plans help expand the mental capacity only and help boost people’s confidence as the diet progresses. According to experts, the GM diet plan purifies and cleanses the whole body.

GM Diet: Day 1 Weight Loss Preparation

The GM diet is a weight loss program that is good for 7 days. In this type of diet program, people must eat selected fruits, vegetables, and meats at a specified amount. Even if the GM diet plan lasts 7 days, the first day is the most critical part.

If you do this day right and create the habit of eating healthily in the diet, you can maintain the results after completing the whole GM diet plan.

Data shows that this diet mainly focuses on eating fiber-rich food yet low in fat. Protein and carbs are balanced. This is primarily why it is also known as a fast-paced weight loss diet, and according to data, people can lose 4-5 kgs in the first week.

The GM diet nutrition is mainly dedicated to calorie controlling and unique food options. Cutting down your calories is the most effective weight-loss method.

How to Prepare the Body for Day 1?

On day 1, you should only focus on eating fruits. However, it would be best if you avoided bananas because of their high starch content. So, you only eat fruit and drink no less than 10 glasses of water on this day.

Example of Day 1 Diet Plan

Breakfast is suggested between 8:30-9 am. You can have a cup of apples and two glasses of water to keep you going all day.

In mid-morning, you can have a morning snack between 10:30-11 am. Experts advise having a bowl of papaya, kiwi, and two glasses of water.

You can have a bowl of watermelon and two glasses of water at lunchtime, between 12 pm- 1:30 pm.

At mid-noon, about 4 pm-4:30 pm, you can have a snack. Again, a bowl of papaya and oranges with two glasses of water will keep you going until dinnertime.

Before dinner, you can have another snack at around 6 pm. Something like a cup of coco water and a bowl of oranges will give you plenty of energy. At 8 pm you can have your dinner with a bowl of watermelon with 2 glasses of water.

GM Diet Plan Day 2: Weight Loss With Vegetables

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On day 1 of the weight-loss diet plan, you may have felt lightheaded because of the drastic reduction in calories and large quantities of water. The second day will be easier to digest.

The dieter may start the day with potatoes or sweet potatoes and other types of vegetables. You can have baked potatoes if you wish to start your day with a tasty breakfast. You can also stir fry some onions, parsley, and garlic and fill the baked potato. It will be a delicious breakfast for you to start with the second day of the GM diet.

The baked potato will provide energy for the body throughout the day, and it can also be followed by other dishes with vegetables too for lunch and dinner. You can also have a cup of soup made of vegetables or a cup of wonder soup and fresh salads with only apple cider vinegar and salt.

Day 2 of the General Motors diet plan will enable you to take lots of green leafy and starchy vegetables. All these will help boost your needed fiber to regulate sugar from the previous day.

How to Prepare For Day 2 of Your Weight-Loss Diet Plan?

Buy enough vegetables like potatoes, leafy greens, carrots, and other ones you like. Those who are living in tropical countries may also consider eating cassava or sweet potatoes instead.

For lunch, you are required to eat lighter meals. It still isn’t allowed to eat seeds and nuts or brown rice. You can have a salad with vegetables instead. Fresh salad with zucchini, fresh lettuce & cabbage will do.

Prepare your dressing from apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp of olive oil, and salt.

For dinner, it’s up to you if you wish to have broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, or zucchini again. You can boil or stir fry them. Beets can also be an option because they can make you feel full and satisfied.

Example of Day 2 Diet Plan

You can have a cup of potato (boiled or baked) and two glasses of water for breakfast. This may be at 8 am or 9 am. You can have a cup of veggie soup or wonder soup and 2 glasses of water two hours later.

About two hours later, you can have tomato, zucchini, and half a serving of boiled beet with two glasses of water at lunchtime.

Around 4 or 5 pm, you can have two pieces of tomatoes or cherry tomatoes and 2 glasses of water.

For dinner, around 7 pm, you can eat some boiled broccoli or cauliflower and asparagus, with 2 glasses of water.

On this day of the GM diet plan, you are not allowed to eat fruit. Also, don’t add more than 1 tbsp of olive oil per salad. You can have a cup of cabbage soup in between meals, also known as the wonder soup, to satisfy hunger.

GM Diet Plan Day 3: Getting Used to the Program

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If you have completed days 1 and 2 successfully, then day 3 will be easier to complete.

Day 1 & 2 must have been challenging since the body needs time to adjust. On the 3rd day of the program, you will be allowed to eat fruits and vegetables simultaneously. Do not exclude any food group.

However, as with day 1, bananas are still not included. Often, people suffered from mild headaches in the following days to come, but as the week progresses, these pass too.

With different servings at breakfast, lunch, and supper, your tummy will not just feel satisfied, but your cravings will also be regulated. When you eat melons for breakfast, it’s essential to sustain them with 2 glasses of water to boost your digestion.

You can take fruits and vegetables the entire day from breakfast to dinner, including snacks in the middle of the day.

On this day, potatoes aren’t allowed since you take enough carbs from the fruit you eat. Your body is now well prepared to shed off that fat from the 3rd day onwards. You will still experience light food cravings on the 3rd day, but that will go away in time as you approach day 4.

You may also do some breathing activities in the morning starting from day 3. By doing this, you will be relieved of all the stresses and anxieties brought to you by days 1 and 2 of the GM diet plan.

Example of Day 3 Diet Plan

On day 3 of the GM diet plan, you can eat apples, watermelons, and other fruits, but you shouldn’t eat them all at once. You can have one for lunch and then eat it again at snack time. You can still eat the meals you ate on day 2 and include some fruits to make your taste buds and your tummy fully happy and well satisfied again.

You can eat a mixture of boiled vegetables like broccoli, carrots, zucchini, lettuce, beets, and similar produce at dinner time. You can also eat some fruits like melons and apples. At snack time, you can eat fruits and vegetables along with tomatoes as well. But you shouldn’t miss out on eight to ten glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated and full at the same time.

Keep in mind that you cannot drink any fruit juice until you are done with the program. Those contain sugar, and you do not need the empty calories at the moment. On the GM diet day 3, you will feel lighter, and if you measure yourself, you will weigh 1-2 kgs less.

This is a natural result of the GM diet plan. Keep in mind that you should vary food consumption to get better results. You can also have a cup of wonder soup or even a cup of tomato soup every time you feel hungry.

GM Diet Plan Day 4: Banana and Milk Day

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Following the GM diet correctly in the first three days is probably the most challenging part. With day 4 of this weight loss plan, you can consume 6 pieces of bananas and three full glasses of milk.

Don’t forget about the GM diet soup when following the diet because it will keep you full between meals. You can eat bananas and milk along with this veggie soup for lunch, dinner, or snacks.

This day is considered much easier to follow than days 1 to 3 because you consume some healthy fats from the milk and some carbs and starch from the bananas.

By the time GM diet day 4 comes, your body had already started reaping the benefits of the meal plan. Therefore, you will feel your cravings diminishing, and you will not be as hungry as you were previously. You have to continue with the meal assigned as well as with the water intake. This is essential to keep you hydrated during the General Motors diet.

You will get all the needed potassium in the body on day 4 along with calcium, sodium to sustain the loss for the past 3 days. Those who do not eat bananas might have a big problem on day 4. You can have a banana smoothie with milk instead. This is also acceptable, however, do not skip this beneficial fruit.

You can use your creativity to go through the day. For instance, you can freeze bananas and mix them with 1 glass of milk to form an iced banana cream.

You can still eat fruits and veggies from the previous days to sustain the need. You’re halfway to the finish line on day 4, and the GM diet soup will help you sustain the progress. On this day, you will be amazed at your weight loss. You have cleansed your entire system, and it’s well-adjusted, too, with the food groups you have. Your body has taken all the sugars and the fibers needed from vegetables and fruits.

Example Foods in Day 4 of the GM Diet Plan

For breakfast, you can start with bananas and 1 glass of milk. You can have low-fat or nonfat milk for the best results, but full-fat is allowed too. Around 10 am, you can have a banana shake, but this should be composed of at least 2 big bananas. You can also have cottage cheese with bananas or other dairy foods instead of a glass of milk.

At lunchtime, you can have a big bowl of GM wonder soup. It will be best to make it with cabbage and tomatoes. Soups will taste better this time since you are used to eating soups and fluids now.

Three hours later, around 4 pm, you can have a banana shake.

For dinner, you can have veggie soup again with a banana milkshake and water.

To lose weight sustainably, bananas and milk will be your best friend from day 4 of the GM diet. You can also have soy milk, cottage cheese, or other dairy products on the GM diet.

GM Diet Plan Day 5: Preparations of the Feast Day

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Day 5 is considered a feast day because you can eat beef and tomatoes. Upon completing days 1 to 4 successfully, day 5 of the GM diet will be a breeze. Any of the side effects that you may have been feeling, such as headaches, will now go away because you will be eating meat and higher calories.

The GM diet on day 5 is much more interesting than the previous days for your taste buds when it comes to food groups. Beef has lots of proteins and iron, while tomatoes are rich in fibers and lycopene, so having these 2 can help you regain the lost proteins required by the body.

It is not advisable to substitute beef for chicken breast or any other type of meat in the diet chart. This is because red meat has a unique blend of protein and fats required explicitly by the muscles and the blood iron.

However, if you are strict about not eating it as many people in New Delhi and India do on the GM diet, you can replace this food group with foods like 500 grams of chicken or 6 pieces of eggs in a day.

By this time, your weight loss is progressing, and you have managed to lose weight and be happy with how you look. The GM diet decreased your appetite, and you are no longer craving junk food.

Even with your eating habits changed for the better, you are still advised to eat small servings throughout the day, as you did so far. Big servings will increase your calorie intake, and that will cause unwanted weight fluctuations.

Foods to Eat on GM Diet Day 5

At breakfast, people can eat braised beef with tomatoes. You can even cook the meat however you’d like and then add tomato soup or tomato dip to it. The beef, chicken, or fish on today’s diet chart will provide you with the needed nutrition. These foods have iron, fiber, and proteins, while the soup is low in calories and will give you energy throughout the day.

At lunchtime, you can eat a beef hamburger. You can bake it or fry it, but make sure not to add too much oil since it already has fats. At this time, it is advised to drink lots of fluids so that the body can flush the uric acid as usual. Add soup here too. With the GM diet soup, your body will balance the water loss within a day.

For snacks, you are not allowed to eat the usual snacks or fruit juice. On day 5, you can only have water. You should at least drink fourteen glasses of water a day. This way, you are detoxifying your body and also flushing all unwanted toxins.

If you are not a fan of beef, you can also change that with chicken. Make sure not to eat the chicken skin since it also contains a lot of fat.

GM Diet Plan Day 6: The Best Day of All

After having completed days 1 to 5, you have now approached the 6th day of the program. According to reviews from General Motors employees, this is the best day of the GM diet, thanks to the foods in the diet chart.

Day 6 of the GM diet is also quite rewarding because of the food combinations and the weight loss you see. Surely, you were able to lose weight so far and feel excellent in your skin. However, the 7-day GM diet isn’t over yet. You need to introduce more foods until the end of the GM diet to complete the body detox and the weight loss program.

The 6th day of the GM diet is considered a feast day, too, since you can eat vegetables, fruits, and beef. You can now combine all those you have eaten in the past few days with the current foods required on day 6. You must have seen the beauty and glow on your skin with all the fruits and vegetables you have consumed so far.

Because the body is now in its automatic mode of weight loss with raised metabolic processes, your body will need enough protein and fiber in the following days to come. You can get all the proteins from the beef while getting enough fiber from the veggies you eat.

Aside from the weight loss benefit, do different activities or exercises. This way, you can assess if following the GM diet truly improved your health.

To lose weight only through eating certain foods like fruits and vegetables with the GM diet isn’t sustainable. Exercise is also vital in weight loss, especially if you want to maintain the results and minimize the side effects such as regaining all the weight.

The 6th day of the GM diet is your chance to eat and help the body regain its appetite. But instead of eating unhealthy food groups and junk foods, fruits and vegetables are recommended to plan the GM diet with. And don’t forget to drink a glass of water before each meal.

You can eat foods like fresh green leafy vegetables and other drinks aside from water like lemon and lime water, black coffee without cream, black tea, and others but no fruit juices at this time yet.

Foods Required for GM Diet Day 6

For breakfast, you can have 1 bowl of veggie soup with beef cubes or just plain veggies if you don’t want to have beef in the morning. This will provide you with all the fiber that you need and proteins throughout the day.

At lunchtime, the GM diet allows for foods like Asian since that cuisine uses many veggies and beef ingredients. But be sure not to incorporate your soup with potatoes or bread yet.

For dinner, drink a glass of water first, and then have another serving of veggies soup and a beef burger.

When it comes to snacks, you can eat meat and veggies. However, you are advised to eat leafy greens and bell peppers in the morning snacks and beef in the midafternoon. This is because your appetite level should be at its normal to lessen your cravings for other foods. Besides water, you can also have coco water on the GM diet.

The Last Step of the 7-Day GM Diet

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Day 7 is also the last day of the GM diet. If you have followed the instructions well, your weight loss is staggering by now. You have created healthy nutrition habits with the GM diet, and you have enough health information and knowledge to maintain your weight loss.

This is the day of final flushing, so slowly, you can add a bowl of brown rice to your diet for energy and fiber boost. Upon reaching day 7 of the GM diet, you will see some changes in your body along with your lifestyle.

The weight loss with the GM diet should be about 5-6 kgs, depending on your starting body weight. Usually, people with higher weight will have a better weight loss process, and those people that didn’t have as much to lose will experience a slower weight loss, but a very successful one nonetheless.

The GM diet improves your sleep because the foods you are eating decrease your weight and bring vitality back into your body.

As you sleep better with the GM diet, you will notice how you wake up feeling refreshed and are more active throughout the day. Due to the weight loss, your immunity is more robust too.

If by following day 1 to 6 of the GM diet, you notice all these benefits now, then you must have followed the diet perfectly without cheating. Now you have come to the final day of the diet, so let’s review the foods.

GM Diet Plan Day 7: The Best Day of All

On the 7th day of the diet, you need to have enough fresh fruits in the fridge. You can eat them anytime you want, from breakfast to dinner, without limiting yourself. Aside from fruits, you can now eat a bowl of brown rice with stewed veggies at each meal.

We know not many people are into brown rice, but you have to make an effort. A bowl of brown rice provides you with enough fiber throughout the day to lower the blood sugar from the fruit.

Foods Required for Diet Day 7

For breakfast, you must eat a cup of brown rice for energy and a carb boost for the entire day. Remember, you cannot skip the brown rice on this diet.

For lunch, prepare another cup of brown rice with veggies like broccoli, asparagus, or cabbage.

The diet allows a slice of mango and melon to boost your appetite. The brown rice will help you feel full the whole day.

For dinner on this diet plan, have brown rice with green veggies of your liking. You need to drink at least two glasses of water before you go to sleep.

You can have a handful of berries, raisins, nuts, and seeds, or even cottage cheese for snacks. The diet program allows fruit juices, but only as a snack.

Diet Notes to Keep in Mind

You need to have a glass of water before and after each meal. This will aid your digestion and improve your weight loss. The GM diet is planned to give you enough energy on days 4 to 7 so that you can start exercising and keep the weight off by burning more calories.

On day 7 of the diet, you need to drink more water than on days 1-6 because of the increased amount of cooked food.

The Basics of the Diet

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Do not take any alcoholic beverages while you are engaged in the GM diet. There should be at least eight to ten glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated. You can repeat the GM diet plan often, but you are advised to take a 5-day break from it after a week.

People on this diet cannot drink fruit juices due to high sugar content, except for the 7th day as a snack. Engaging in strenuous activity on days 1-3 is a big no because you are eating a calorie diet, and there isn’t enough energy to sustain the workout. Instead, do simple yoga and breathing exercises.