How to make your own cleaning products!

Buying cleaning products can be very expensive for you and your family, and all of the toxic chemicals that you find in household cleaning products can be detrimental to your health. If you’re concerned about having chemical products in your home, or if you’re just looking to save yourself money on cleaning items, then why […]

13 Festive Holiday Crafts

There’s noting more that screams holiday cheer than a few do-it-yourself crafts made with love. Browse through this collection of beautifully crafted holiday decor from some lovely and talented contributors. SLIDES: DIY Jolly Letters By: Made In A Day Christmas Jolly Letters: Decoupage felt to cardboard block letters and add an embellishment for an easy […]

DIY Christmas Card Ornament and our Teddy Bear Tree

A true Canadian tree. Santa and moose The holiday’s are quickly approaching which means that it was time to pull out the holiday decor and begin setting a festive mood in our home. However, unlike last year when ‘Bug’ was only a few months old and couldn’t walk, grab or climb anything this year’s holiday […]

Nuit Blanche inspired DIY painting

Nuit Blanche is the annual all night (7pm – sunrise) creative expression showcase where unique places, institutions and the city landscapes are transformed into colorful and creative masterpieces by various artists. In celebration of this event I decided ‘Bug’ should create his own masterpiece.  So I ventured out and called one of my girlfriend’s who […]