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Buying cleaning products can be very expensive for you and your family, and all of the toxic chemicals that you find in household cleaning products can be detrimental to your health. If you’re concerned about having chemical products in your home, or if you’re just looking to save yourself money on cleaning items, then why not consider making your own cleaning goods? It’s fast, cheap and effective to make your own cleaning sprays and solutions, and you’re more than likely to find that you already own the right ingredients!

How to make your own cleaning products

Have a look at this list of handy hints and tips to get you started!
Olive oil
Everyone has olive oil in their homes, but did you know that it can be used for a wide range of cleaning purposes? Here are just a few of the cleaning products that you can replicate with olive oil, and how to make them!
– Polish your wooden furniture! All you need to do to make an excellent furniture polish is take lemon juice and olive oil. Mix together (one part lemon juice to three parts olive oil) and use a soft cloth to make sure that you have the cleanest wooden furniture possible!
– Olive oil is great to polish your leather sofa with. Use a soft cloth and buff gently to keep your leathers looking amazing.
– Pour olive oil into a plastic spray bottle and you have yourself a fantastically effective solution for any squeaky or creaky doors in your home! Spritz the joints and then wipe away with cotton wool or a soft cloth to banish unwanted noises in your home!

White vinegar
White vinegar might not be in your cupboards right now, but if you’re planning on making your own cleaning products then you should stock up! White vinegar has natural antibacterial qualities which make it excellent to use as an all-purpose cleaner. Mix with a little water and pour into a spray bottle for use in your bathroom and kitchen. You can sanitize worktops, clean your bins and even clean your mirrors with this fantastic all-in-one product, so why not fill up your cupboards today?

Bicarbonate of soda
Bicarbonate of soda isn’t just great for keeping your teeth white, it has lots of other uses as well!
– Mix with white vinegar to create a foam that will eat away at any clogs you might have in your drains. Simply leave to soak and then rinse away!
– Place a small cap or dish full of bicarbonate of soda inside your cupboards and your fridge. The powder will soak up any unwanted odors to leave your kitchen smelling fresher for longer. Just remember to replace and refresh your bicarbonate deodorizer every couple of weeks.
– Trying to get rid of stains in your clothes? Use warm water, bicarbonate of soda and a soft toothbrush! Mix the water and bicarbonate of soda together and gently buff your stains away using the toothbrush – you’ll be amazed at how effective this can be!
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Lemon juice
Just like white vinegar, lemon juice also has natural antibacterial properties. The acidity make it fantastic at cutting through bacteria and germs, but lemon juice will also leave behind a fruity, fresh and clean scent too!
– Mix lemon juice and warm water in a spray bottle to create a great all-purpose cleanser for your home. Keep in your bathroom or kitchen for whenever you need it!
– Put half a lemon on a small dish in your fridge to help keep nasty smells at bay. Replace regularly!

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