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Some women are afraid to have kids because then they know they will have to sacrifice a lot of their time on raising their children well. These women become stay-at-home moms so they can give focus on their family. But what about those who choose to still become members of the workforce? In this article, we will learn 10 ways on how moms can balance both work and family.

1. Follow a Routine  Your children would know what to expect to happen in a day when you establish a routine. If possible, consider a flexible work schedule or work from home setup. Ask your employees if it is possible that you work in a compressed work week. Make your family get used to the arrangement so everyone would know how to adjust and make time for the family.

2. Make Kids Independent  As early as five, kids should know how to dress up, take a bath, eat, pack their bags and take care of the simple things by themselves. Teach them how to become more independent and you will have less headaches and more peaceful time at home.

3. Keep Meals Simple  You may not have the time to prepare extravagant meals for your family. This is fine as long as your family is okay with the setup. If not, hiring a cook is a second option.

4. Take Leave from Work as Needed  When your kid has some school activity that requires the parents to attend, make time for it. Schedule a leave from work and take the day off. Talk to the teachers and school administrators to know how your kid is doing and how as a parent you can help to foster learning at home.

5. Have a Family Day  Most families take Sunday as the “family day,” so your time for this whole day should not be spent doing tasks for work but for the family. On this day, you may go out for a family adventure to a theme park, catch a movie on theater, walk the dogs in the neighborhood or just visit the nearby library together.

6. Make a To-do List  As a working mom, there are so many things to be included in your to-do list. Given this, you need to write all these and monitor the statuses of each. Creating and setting priorities will also help to make you work smarter and not harder.

7. Live Closer to Work  Commuting or driving to work may take a lot of time from your daily schedule. Rather than take this time waiting to be transported to the office, why not just live in a place that is close? Another option is to choose a house that is close to your workplace. The same is true for your kids. It is wise to choose a school that is within your vicinity. Accessibility and convenience are very important.

8. Delegate Tasks   If you feel that you are too pressured, learn to delegate either tasks in the office or chores at home to others. You don’t need to establish yourself as a superhuman that can do everything at an instant. Recognize the presence of your teammates and share the responsibility as necessary. With your husband, remember that marriage is a partnership. Make him also contribute to household chores because it is hard to carry the burden all on your shoulders.

9. Be Healthy  As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” The best you can do as an individual is to stay healthy. Keep medicine for headache and fever and try to always stay hydrated. Monitor your diet and have a regular exercise regimen. You may ask your husband and children to do the same.

10. Express Yourself   Silence is not golden when it comes to family time. Thus make sure that you set a time for everyone to be heard. Express what you like or appreciate and don’t like at all. Learn from one another and talk about events and happenings during the day.

Often, working moms are stressed with work and responsibilities at home. Work and family need attention and time. The key for finding the right balance is to be organized and plan ahead. Profession and parenthood do not have to be mutually exclusive. With these 10 ways, you too can learn how to strive in career and at the same time your family.

Julieane Hernandez is a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate turned Wedding designer. She’s an advanced tri-athlete during weekends. She’s been in the Wedding industry for about 5 years now and She’s learned so much from all the experiences she’s been through. Follow her on twitter and google+

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