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Many times people will start a workout routine, only to give up fairly quickly when the workout isn’t enjoyable, or doesn’t keep the person engaged. How can you avoid that outcome? Is there a way to get in shape that will keep you going? Maybe it’s time to give some thought to aqua aerobics.

What is it all about? Aqua aerobics is basically working out in the water. So you thought the swimming pool was just about swimming? It’s much more than that. Water workouts can provide a solid workout routine – from cardio work to strength training. Check out these sites for articles that detail the benefits of aqua aerobics:

What are the choices? Do you like working out with a group? There are water classes which introduce people to the basic elements of a workout in the water. The class will go through a well rounded exercise routine, just like you’d find in a workout class on land, and will include some cardio work, core exercises, and strength conditioning. For other types of workouts, many community pools offer classes which are relaxing and calming, like water yoga, or tai chi. Those looking for a more challenging or hard working exercise class, look no further than kick boxing or the ever sexy Zumba dance class. For those who prefer to work out alone, go to the gym when the lap lanes are open and try aqua walking or aqua jogging.

How does the water help with a workout? Think about two words when it comes to working out in the water – buoyancy and resistance:

  • The water provides sufficient buoyancy that the body only has to support 50 percent of its own weight. This means that when a person is working out by aqua jogging, their foot strike is much lighter than it would be on land. The pounding of feet on the running trail is much harder on the knees and legs than the gentle impact in the water. Over time, the lessened impact in the water will be much easier on the body. As well, the buoyancy provides a lightness that just feels good – like a weightless sensation. That translates into a more enjoyable workout experience.
  • When aqua walking, a person can feel the effect of resistance pretty quickly. It just takes more effort to push the body through the water. When the person feels like they’re moving in slow motion, there’s actually a lot of work taking place. The heart rate will elevate, the breathing will quicken, and leg muscles will feel the effort much more quickly than would be expected. “Hey, I’m just walking in the water, why am I breathing so hard?” The resistance may take a while to understand and appreciate, but it will definitely be noticed.

So much fun you want to do it again. If the workout is not enjoyable, it increases the possibility of stopping, or not doing it again. Conversely, if the workout is enjoyable, you want to go back the next time. Peek in on an aqua aerobics class, and you’ll quickly notice a lot of laughter and smiles. Yes, people are getting a good workout, but they’re enjoying themselves as well. Have you ever watched kids and how they just start laughing and smiling when they jump in the pool? The same joy happens to adults. Why not have some fun?

Try aqua aerobics and see for yourself. Tell yourself that it won’t take long, and there will still be time to hit the gym if you don’t like it. It might just be that after your first workout, you’ll be smiling too, and ready for that next water class.

Patricia Hogenes is a freelance writer, and really enjoys crafting a new article. She swims to stay in shape, and will freely admit she spends too much time on Facebook. Her friends laughingly agree. You can follow Patricia on Twitter where she keeps you posted on her other articles and her passion for the pool.

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