Ease Low Back Pain with this Simple Stretch: ELDOA L5/S1

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Gravitational forces placed upon our spine each and every day can for some cause pain, arthritis and other neurological conditions. Momma’s and papa’s think of the amount of time is spent bent over dealing with your little person and all the little things associated with them. Sitting or standing with lousy posture or for a prolonged period of time, carrying a child on one hip, lugging groceries into the home, cause we all know that’s not pretty or kind on the back. The list can go on and on as to why or what caused low back discomfort or pain.

I’ve had the pleasure of working and learning directly from French Osteopath Guy Voyer who developed these spine segment specific postures called ELDOA. The word ELDOA is a French acronym but in English it simply can be stated as LOADS. (Longitudinal Osteo-articular decoaptation of the spine).

These postures are meant to

  • target and create space
  • increase blood flow
  • reduce pressure in the inte-vertebral discs
  • normalize the myofascial tensions
  • lessen pain
  • improve posture
  • increase muscle tone and awareness.

Check out the video below where I’ll demonstrate one for the most highly affected spinal segments, the L5/S1 or the Lumboscaral Joint.

Give this spinal specific posture a try and let me know how you feel afterwards. I’d love to hear from you.

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