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I recently completed my first EVER 5 day juice cleanse, YAY me for sticking with it. Honestly it wasn’t that difficult. Yup this is coming from a momma that loves her food. Aside from Day 4′s nagging headache which was a result of not drinking enough water;  I never had the urge to cheat or feel the need to eat the dog in a sudden bout of hunger. I generally felt great the entire week even with scaling back the workouts in order to allow my body to rest and cleanse.

Typically I feel the urge to detox of some sorts in the Spring for a little internal Spring cleaning. However, when I was contacted by the company Revitasize I couldn’t refuse the offer. Revitasize is a juice cleansing (Detox) company based in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that delivers to your home or office fresh organic cold pressed juices.

First time juicers: If you have never juiced or been on any sort of juice cleanse before starting with 5 days may be too long for you. They do offer 1 or 3 day packages to get your body boosted. I juice or make smoothies most days so I figured my body would be ready for a full 5 days of only juice. This process jump-starts your digestive system and prepares your body for detoxification.

Packages can be 1-10 days in length. It’s up to you and your current need for a detox and of course finances. The packages available are…
Power Boost Detox
Revival Cleanse
Purity Cleanse
Revitalize Cleanse
Superhero Cleanse

For 5 days I had a total of 25 organic cold pressed juices and 5 booster shots that came in a variety of flavors, which was perfect so I didn’t get bored of the tastes. After day 3 another shipment was delivered and another set of flavors arrived.  Here are a few of the delicious juice combo’s.

My favorite (pictured) – Royal Flush – red beet, carrot, cucumber, kale, apple, ginger

Spiked Pine – Orange, pineapple, carrot, orange, tumeric

Dew Good – honeydew, golden beetroot, lemon, mint

Onto days 3,4,5 with these new flavors.

A few other bonus’ Revitasize offers are…

  1. Quick and easy access to a Revitasize coach throughout the cleanse. I had the pleasure of being in direct contact with Nir, one of the founders of the company and I have to give him many props on how awesome he was with me and my questions.
  2. There’s enough juice provided in order to consume it every 2 ½ – 3 hours.
  3. They are environmentally friendly and use glass bottles for the juices.
  4. Each bottle is strategically numbered in order to provide you the perfect juice combo for a specific time of day.
GREAT NEWS for all The Empowered Momma friends, if you are interested in giving Revitasize Juice Cleanse a try contact them via email and let them know I sent you.
Why you ask? well because the lovely people at Revitasize will give a 15% discount off any of their programs by just letting them know you’re a friend of mine. Pretty sweet deal!!!

Disclosure: Product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

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