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As a high performance fitness trainer and momma to a wildly busy toddler fitness attire to me is  like wet on water, like flies on honey, like white on rice like…well you get the picture.  Constantly on the move whether at work or home  I live in fitness gear and love it!

As a proud Canadian I was thrilled to have been contacted by Sears Canada to review their new line of performance clothing for women called PURE NRG Athletics®.  The Pure NRG athletics line is designed to provide high quality at an accessible price point with all items costing less than $50.00.  Yes! yes! yes! you read that right. EVERYTHING is under $50.

Features of the line are…

  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • flatlock seams to help prevent chafing
  • cool effect wicking fabric
  • pants with a contoured waistband
  • tops with a breathable built-in power mesh bra
  • plus more

Since the official launch of the line of clothing I’ve had the opportunity to put each of the articles of clothing to the test during a workout, mom-on-the-go and of course through the washer and dryer.

For me wearing a new outfit for a workout reminds me of the days leading up to the first day of school and getting excited to show off my new attire. Well it’s not exactly the exact same but new workout gear gets me giddy for a good sweat session.  Kinda like adding an extra pep to my step.

During this particular workout I didn’t feel the need to adjust the cotton capris (Heather Grey) each time I got up from this position. They comfortably sat on my waist throughout the execution of each exercise without the worry of having a ‘plumbers butt’. The performance t-shirt was non-restrictive (I usually don’t wear anything with sleeves because of the feeling of restriction it gives my arms) and moved well with a few of my dynamic movements.

Wearing in the picture:
Gray Cotton Capris
White performance T-shirt

Nothing says “you’ve got your groove back” more like a functional cable workout. I must admit there are a few tanks I own that tend to creep up when performing the single arm cable row (shown below). This drives me crazy. The last thing I want to deal with during the execution of any movement is a top that rides up the torso.  Yay for the Pure NRG Pink glow Performance tank, it passed the twisting test.

Wearing in this picture:
Pink Glow Performance Tank
Black Performance Shorts

A classic move to strengthen your core is the plank. Working at a gym one thing I’ve noticed with women’s tanks is the way it hangs off the chest. Sometimes too much hanging off results in too much to see. For me this is something I’m conscious of all the time. I’m not busty by any means but still don’t like the feeling of one of the girls about to plop out of my tank. The Pure NRG performance tank passed the ‘non-plopping’ test. Bonus!  The Performance Leggings are ridiculously comfortable and because of the flatlock seams I didn’t get the indentations on my body after taking them off. Bonus x 2! They also looked really good with my riding boots and a cute sweater.


Wearing in this picture:
Pink glow Performance Tank
Black Performance Leggings

Momma-on-the-go….no caption needed. It’s busy with this nutty toddler son we’ve been blessed to have in our lives.  What is needed is the honorable mention to Jersey Knit Mock Neck Jacket (90% cotton, 10% spandex). Having curves and larger arms the fit of the jacket didn’t feel restrictive. It’s very lightweight and uber soft; soft enough to sweat in and to snuggle in.

Wearing in the picture:
Black Jersey Knit Mock Neck Jacket
Heather Gray Cotton Capri’s

Last but not least. Every piece of clothing has been washed multiple times and nothing shrunk or lost its color. Triple A, especially because this is my new spring wardrobe ;)

Seriously, if you’re on the lookout for affordable, fashionable and breathable athletic gear, check out Pure NRG Athletics. Tell me if you had some money to spend, which piece would you choose?

Hint: stay tuned. I may have a surprise for you courtesy of Sears Canada.  Sign up to the newsletter to be in the know ;)

Disclosure: Product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

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