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I cherish the moment when my lips touch my son’s face. Unfortunately living in Canada where the colder months sometimes seem longer than the warmer months, I am susceptible to dry and chapped lips. Poor precious nouveux skin of his having to endue multiple kisses on a daily basis from my not-so-precious lips.

I’m no diva but do make the effort in keeping my lips protected from the elements such as the cold and wind as well as liking the way my lips look with a bit of sheen on them. However I find that some lip balms tend to dry my lips even more particularly when I run outside.  Hey what gives?  Aren’t they supposed to make my lips baby kissing perfect?

So you could imagine how thrilled I was when I was given the opportunity to test out a fellow Canadian entrepreneur’s all natural lip balm.

Fit Lips logo

FIT LIPS is a 100% natural, Canadian-made lip balm that is paraben and petroleum free. It was created by Fernanda Lazzaro of Georgetown, Canada and former host of a television show, The Building Blocks. Ms. Lazzaro who doesn’t wear any make-up but uses lip balm set out to create the perfect all natural lip product. After many trial and errors, the formula for FIT LIPS was born.

The ingredient list is: beeswax, mango butter, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, organic hempseed oil, cocoa butter, cucuacu butter, Vitamin E, rosemary extract, natural flavours

Beeswax locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors.
Hemp oil is non-greasy, moisturizing and an excellent anti-aging emollient.
Mango butter softens and smooths lips, while providing anti-oxidants, which help lips stay young.
Cupuacu butter has a high water absorption capacity, thus is highly beneficial for dry and damaged lips.
Taken from the website

There are 4 product to choose depending on your style  choices – Natural, Vanilla, Peppermint and Passion Fruit. Each come with their own special reason why you would prefer one over the other.

Not only can you uses this balm on your lips, your dry elbows and cuticles can also feel the love.

The packaging is eco-friendly and re-usable. It’s eco-friendly since the large magnets used in landfills can detect and pick up the containers to be recycled, unlike the standard lip balm small tube-like packaging (Mississauga Board of Trade Magazine, April 2011). It’s re-usable because you now have a small container to store multiple loose items such as safety.  Although the packaging is small, the contents inside are generous as it contains 18 gms of product.

A few notables
FIT LIPS made it into the 2012 Oscars swag bags. Which means every celebrity nominee and presenter each got this wonderfully goopy-less lip balm. The Oscars was not the only award show riddled with celebrities that received FIT LIPS. It was even in the swag bags of the previous years’ Academy and Emmy awards.

-Never tested on animals.   A++++

My Thoughts:
After testing the product for a few weeks I have noticed that my lips aren’t dry or chapped. Fit Lips provided  a nice sheen on my lips without all the extra goop. Thank you FIT LIPS for creating a lip balm that’s kind to my lips and more importantly kind to my son’s face. I love the natural inspired logo, is it Lips, a Leaf or Both? hmmmmm. neat design.

See HERE to learn where you can go to purchase this 100% natural lip balm. Don’t live close to any of these retailers, no worries, you can purchase online.

NEWS ALERT: FIT LIPS is offering one of my readers (CAN and US) the chance to win their natural lip balm.

Enter below for your chance to win. Winner will be chosen December 15th, 2012  12:01EST.

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