Beware of Unsafe Cleaning Agents When Expecting a Baby

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Are you aware that commercial household cleaning products are not that safe for babies?

When expecting a baby, many housewives start cleaning like crazy in order to prepare their home for when the little one comes to the world. What they probably don’t know is that a lot of the cleaners contain toxic components. Using bleach surely has a great effect on the cleanliness of the bathroom, but do the toxins in it make it worthwhile? There must be a certain risk since it is even recommended to wear latex gloves when using it.

The label on the bottle won’t give you the full information. If we have to be logical, even if manufacturers are obligated to list the ingredients on the label, we won’t know what all these terms, letters and numbers (the so-called small print) mean unless we’ve made ourselves familiar with them beforehand.

Imagine that on the label of a given cleaner it’s written with big red letters that it is toxic. Guess what? Nobody will buy it! Instead, the big letters are destined for enumerating all the positive qualities of it, like how effectively it disinfects and kills germs. The truth is that marketing tricks like these are meant to draw our attention.

Now, the following fact may sound a little too harsh, but you have to take them into consideration in order to know how to protect your baby in the future even before he/she is born. Being informed is one step ahead to prevention. Toluene, benzene, phenol and formaldehyde are commonly used in household cleaning agents, but they are proven to be toxic for the immune system and might even cause cancer. That’s why, beware!

Chemical toxins are very dangerous, especially for newborns that are extremely vulnerable to them. Toddlers have the habit of putting everything they can find in their mouths, meaning that a sudden contact with a commercial cleaning agent can be lethal. Obviously, they don’t know much of the world around and the possible dangers they are exposed to, so adults are the ones who have to think for them and protect them from any harm. That’s why parents have to always be on the alert when having a baby. 24/7 supervision is a must!

Unlike adults, babies don’t have the ability to store contaminants away in fat or to excrete them, so poisonous substances can affect them very rapidly. The body of a baby can’t neutralize toxins the way adults do because the former have a weaker immune system. Pregnant women can pass toxins from the cleaning products used in the household to the unborn child. The reasoning behind this is that during the pregnancy they mobilize the stored body fats in order to nourish the baby. What happens is that the contaminants in the fats get passed to the child. Mothers who nurse can pass accumulated chemical to the baby as well.

This is why they have to be careful not only with what they use for daily cleaning tasks but also with what they eat. Babies that are still in the womb are exposed to the greatest danger of toxins because this can permanently affect their proper development in the future. The conclusion is that precautions have to be taken way before the baby is born. This is for the common good of everybody because harmful cleaners have a bad influence not only on newborns but on everyone. Babies are just more amenable to external impacts.

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