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If you are lucky enough to go out by boat and see a great blue swim by you should consider yourself blessed. But many of us have no clue where to start looking or how to react when the enormous animals approaches. If one of your dreams is to see a living wild whale here are some tips on where to go. I have listed some of the greatest Whale Watching sites during different time of the year worldwide here.

best whale watching in the worldIn Alaska there are several types of different whale species during the summers more than twenty thousand grey whales travel along the south east coast of Alaska to new feeding grounds and return every year.

Two great places to see whales are The Lodge at Whale Pass in Ketchikan and Favorite Bay Lodge in Agoon.

Different types of whales come in different time of the year so to match them you should know where they come.

  • The grey whales usually come during the spring, in April and May.
  • The Humpback Whales during the summer months of June and July between Homer and Kodiak Island.
  • The great blue whales often come in Gulf of Alaska in July and August in open water because of their size.
  • Killer Whales are often seen between beginning of May until June and sometimes through September near Seward Alaska in Resurrection Bay.

Hawaii_whale watchingIn Hawaii during the winter is a paradise for both people but also for the “kohola”: the humpback whale. They come here from Alaska for breeding and birthing in Hawaii’s warm and shallow waters between Januarys until early May. It is forbidden to approach a whale in Hawaii more than 100 yards so to be on the safe side, do go with a group with a guide. Biggest chances where you will most certainly see whales are in the Auau Channel. You can also see them from shore since they come rather close to give birth.

Scandinavia_whale watchingIf you do now want to travel from Europe to America to see whales there are some countries closer to home that will show you some of these magnificent creatures.

If you go up north to Norway you can see some Killer Whales at the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago above the Arctic Circle during October to January. Not far from shore you will most likely see the whales hunting under the Northen Lights. Also the north-easy part of Iceland holds whales of a different kind like the Minke whales and the white dolphins. Sometimes there have even been spotted humpback and even blue whales.

While you are here you should really go see the spectacular whale museum in Husavik.

Blue whale watching 
If you want to see the biggest animal on the planet earth, ever, you would want to go to the south Californian coast, where they during the summer come to feed. There are vacation trips going between Santa Barbara and San Diego.

You can also go to Sri Lanka where blue whales and sperm whales are a common site in the seas of Dondra Head along Sri Lanka’s South coast during January until April.

Speaking only for myself I think that Blue and Sperm whales are the coolest whales out there, the Blue because of its similarities to the ocean, blue, mysterious and extremely huge. The sperm whale are just amazing because of their guts, they dive for several hundred meters hunting large squids and can see by sending out electric signals to scan the area.Best is to go there in April when whales and dolphins are visiting.

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