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A true Canadian tree. Santa and moose

The holiday’s are quickly approaching which means that it was time to pull out the holiday decor and begin setting a festive mood in our home. However, unlike last year when ‘Bug’ was only a few months old and couldn’t walk, grab or climb anything this year’s holiday decor required some advanced planning. What I mean by advanced planning is that this year we (we meaning me) had to strategically chose and create any decor that wasn’t breakable or hazardous to our busy little  man.

As a young girl one of my fondest memories of Christmas was helping my mother set up the Christmas tree. She would always have this vision prior to setting up the tree on what style and feel she wanted the tree to display. This is one of the many traditions that I wish to keep for our home.This year marks the first of many years of old and new traditions we adopt into our family holiday cheer.

To set the tone of the house for me the Christmas tree must go up first (tradition 1). Must have’s for the tree (a) unbreakable (b) non hazardous and (c) represented our first (really second) Christmas with ‘Bug’ and Santa.

So without further ado, here’s our 2012 Christmas Teddy Bear Tree.

A tradition that I want to maintain for my family is to craft something new each year. Last year I made our wreath, the year previous to that I made napkin holders so this year I kept the non-breakable theme going and decided to make an ornament. While searching through the boxes of Christmas ornaments I found a large pile of Christmas cards I’ve kept over the years.hmmm, this got me thinking. Enter Pinterest to the rescue.

I found this cute Christmas ornament craft tutorial and immediately began cutting then pasting. Unfortunately the original tutorial was not very clear with their explanations so I thought I would share a step by step guide on how to use your old cards to create your own ornament.

How to make your own Christmas Card Ornament.
Total time = 60 minutesWhat you’ll need

  • 1 Christmas Card
  • 1 Toonie or something round and small enough to outline 20 circles
  • glue stick
  • pencil & scissors
  • clothespins or binder clips
  • Patience

  1. Select the card you wish to use.
  2. Outline 20 circles using the Toonie or round stencil on the backside of the card with a pencil. Cut out the 20 circles carefully
  3. Cut out a triangle stencil and outline the shape on each circle. Carefully start folding along each individual sides of the triangle. Be sure not to allow the folds to overlap as it will affect the final products alignment.
  4. To start the base of the ornament glue only two of the three tabs of 5 trangles together. Hold in place with the binder clips or clothes pins. At the end of this step you should see only 5 tabs (see figure 4).
  5. Begin gluing the remaining triangles tab by tab. I suggest gluing one tab of the new triangles to the exposed tabs in step 4 first.
  6.  Insert triangles in the spaces and glue the tabs in the spaces left after step 5 is complete.
  7. Final ball ornament complete. Add a string by making a knot with the two ends and insertthe knot into the middle of the ornament (you may have to squeeze ball lightly to open space).

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