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Nuit Blanche is the annual all night (7pm – sunrise) creative expression showcase where unique places, institutions and the city landscapes are transformed into colorful and creative masterpieces by various artists.

In celebration of this event I decided ‘Bug’ should create his own masterpiece.  So I ventured out and called one of my girlfriend’s who is a preschool teacher and asked her for a simple DIY paint recipe. Modified a bit from what she told me I used ingredients we had at home and created some finger paint.

Here’s bug checking this stuff out on his tray. Not really sure what it is but he just let his imagination sore and went for it.

DIY hand painting

This was after he tried to suck his thumb with some paint on it, not a fan. Good thing that the it was edible paint. hmmmm, maybe this will be my trick to get him to stop sucking his thumb in the future.

Here’s what you will need to make homemade finger paint.

DIY Finger Paint
The directions are quite easy to follow.
1. On a medium hat setting, combine the flour, salt and cold water in the saucepan. Continuously stir the ingredients so they mix well. Slowly start pouring the hot water into the mixture. Keep stirring.
2. Once the mixture has a smooth texture you are ready to begin color mixing.
3. Mix the color well into the flour mixture then store in the jar and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
NOTE: I didn’t have any red dye so instead I boiled some beets and then strained the color from them. Hence the slightly pinky color.

Enjoy and let your little Picaco out.

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