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The unknown is a place where most of us don’t like to visit. However, the unknown can also be a place that houses a bunch of new adventures and paths that help create and form us as individuals.

Before becoming a mother for the first time I had many fears. “Will I be a good mother?” “Is my unborn child healthy?” “How will we be able to cope with the extra expenses surrounding having a baby?” “How will we know what to do when the baby cries?” “Will we know what the baby wants when he/she cries?” and the list goes on and on.

Now that our baby has finally arrived and I’m able to sit back (hahaha, well figuratively not literally) and really evaluate these fears I realized that they were all coming from a place of love. Wanting everything and anything for the safety and overall wellness of our child came  from a place of love, masked by fear was my mind’s way of preparing itself for the unknown.

Leaving the  current chapter of my book of life and making the steps towards an entirely new chapter is scary but it shouldn’t have be feared. It was embraced as a whole new journey that’s about to begin. As Winnie the Pooh said “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.

All this got me thinking that this “fear out of love” idea translated over to many other facets of our lives.

For instance, those previously sedentary and making the change to get healthy is scary. But all the chatter in your head that are fears wouldn’t be there if you didn’t love yourself enough to get started on the path to a happier and healthier you.

Taking the plunge and leaving your job to explore other options or simply following your heart and passion is scary. Whatever is on the other side of the confinements of the “known” and stepping over to the “unknown” is scary to say the least. However, if “the known” takes from you and leaves you empty then why not try the “unknown”, it may bring some excitement and fulfillment bringing love back to your life.

Think of a new relationship. When you tell someone you love them for the first time, there is a fear of “what if they don’t say it back.”  Once they say “I love you too” then the fear of “how long will this last” pops up all guided by the your love for them. It’s like the game of leap frog. Fear followed by love to fear then love in a continuous fashion.

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Listen to your heart of hearts that sometimes taking the path of the “unknown” will bring more joy and love to your life. Spread your wings and fly.

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