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Be who you are!
Own who you are!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the canfitpro #worldfitnessexpo conference in Toronto. Kicking off the conference was the 2nd annual Women Who Influence Luncheon.  I was blown away by the panel presentation style event where women who have had a huge impact on the fitness industry shared their stories.

It was a luncheon that celebrated being a woman, celebrated being a woman in the industry, and celebrated everyone in the room who have influenced others in a positive way.

Hosted by Paula Morand with six phenomenal women on the panel, Julz Arney, Maureen Hagan, Sara Kooperman, Nathalie Lacombe, Krista Popowych, and Tosca Reno, this event was P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L.  

Although each presenter had a unique story and message to share, the common theme was to always be your AUTHENTIC self and IGNITE each other.

TOP ROW (Left to Right): Tosca Reno, Sara Kooperman, Paula Morand, Beth Shaw, Nathalie Lacombe, Krista Popowych FRONT ROW (Left to Right): Julz Arney, Maureen Hagan

Here’s my takeaway from each presentation:

Maureen Hagan ~ “Intuitively Follow Your Own Path, even with Titles and Challenges”
Natalie Lacombe ~ “What gets you up everyday?”  JOY …. The Joy of “x”
Julz Arney ~ “Hold the Rope for Your Sisters”
Sara Kooperman ~ “Choose your Posse. Choose Wisely”
Krista Popowych ~ “Seek First to Understand to be Understood”
Tosca Reno ~ “Authenticity is the New Currency”
Beth Shaw ~ “Live a Fully Expressed Life”

The  following day the full conference began. Thousands of delegates came from all over world to be educated, motivated and inspired from world class presenters in their respective fields.

I can honestly say that I was mind blown by my lectures and the amount of energy that rocked the Metro Convention Center throughout the weekend. If you’re following me on twitterinstagram or facebook  you would have seen a few of the highlights from the conference, Expo Hall and Tradeshow. If you’re not following me, why the heck not!

During my time at the conference I had the honor of interviewing Tosca Reno and Eric the Trainer. Both blew me away with their kindness, passion and authentic selves.  Stay tuned for each of their interviews.

After leaving the conference this weekend I felt a sense of direction on what I want to achieve, why I want to achieve it and the journey I’m willing to put forth in achieving those dreams.  To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer “To Breathe Life Into Everything You Do” is exactly this momma is going to do as my true and authentic self. :)

Did you go to the conference? What was your take-away?

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