Burpee Equivalents to Fast Food: McDonald’s Edition

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Love them or hate them BURPEES are here to stay. They are the ultimate full body exercise made up of a series of consecutive movements; geared towards improving your strength, endurance, coordination, speed and ability to adjust to sudden postural changes.

Ever wondered what fast food can cost you in burpees? Wonder no more, I will be bringing you a series of Burpee Equivalents to Fast Food starting with McDonald’s.  The food chosen will show you what the burpee equivalent is based on either a 150 lbs (68kg). or 180 lbs (81.6kg) individual.

So without further ado, here is the McDonald’s edition of burpee equivalents. Feel free to share this infographic by embedding it onto your site (html code below), pinning this to one of your boards (hover over the image to PIN IT) or simply use one of the ‘share the love’ buttons below.

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