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Your Moment of Truth October #makeyourmove Challenge

Tis the start of the season where the biggest holidays are fast approaching making it tempting to slip out of a healthy routine. We’re not going to let the hustle and bustle of the chaos surrounding these festivities interrupt the hardwork put into staying on track…no we are not. With that said, I’m thrilled to […]

by September 29, 2013July 10, 2021


The alarm goes off.  It’s time to get up and start your day.  This morning in particular is the first day back to school, so in addition to getting yourself ready, it’s time to get your kids back on track and into their new September routines. You know what you have to do to keep […]

by September 17, 2013July 10, 2021

Dear ____: Let’s Break Up and Make New Friends

The time has finally come where this gal needs to break up with some old “friends” to make room for some new ones that really want the best for me.  Okay, I’m not really talking about my actual people friends since they are all wonderful. I’m talking about the things that are holding me back […]

by June 19, 2013July 10, 2021
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