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The time has finally come where this gal needs to break up with some old “friends” to make room for some new ones that really want the best for me.  Okay, I’m not really talking about my actual people friends since they are all wonderful. I’m talking about the things that are holding me back from truly living a healthier, happier and sane me.

First let’s start with sugar. I don’t really have a huge sweet tooth but somehow the sugar fairy enters my home and drops off these delicious chocolate covered almonds. yeah I know, almonds are healthy but not really healthy when they are smothered in chocolate. A few here and there really adds up to a lot of extra and unnecessary calories that aren’t getting burned off at the end of the day.

Find out at the end to see my new replacement love’s.

My letter to SUGAR


STRESS,  You are the rotten egg in my dozen.  Get out of here and don’t come back. I know you won’t listen because you never do but at least you get the hint that I don’t need you around.


Dear SCALE, how did it feel being tossed out with the rest of the trash. You lie…okay you don’t lie but you don’t tell the full and complete truth like the inches I’ve lost or how my clothes feel. Damn it, you don’t even take into consideration my muscle or organ mass. #%#$%#% you!


Dear SELF SABOTAGE, you are my longest standing friends. Thrilled to finally rid myself of your negative influence. You’ve been nothing but a sore in my side for years. Pack your bags and LEAVE.
Self sabotage copy

Now that I there iAntioxidant Collection copys room for some new friends that care about my health and want what’s best for me I’ve decided to hang out with KOGE vitamins everyday. In efforts to decrease my stress, ordering the Antioxidant Collection online for a fraction of the cost I would pay at any store is an absolute bonus. WAIT, the absolute plus bonus bonus is that I don’t have to drive and find parking to pick up my vitamins.  OH WAIT AGAIN…use the code  EMPOWERED for a 20discount. Superfly bonus

Throughout the day there is constant wear and tear happening to my body. This momma needs some added support to minimize the damage to my joints from my workouts and daily physical stress. Let’s not forget the hair and nails. Just not the same after our little guy was born. Lots of love needed to keep these in their beautified state…yup, calling all the help I can get.  ScreenHunter_120 Jun. 17 16.48

Having the vitamins pre-packaged with

  • Selenomethionine (a powerful antioxidant and immune booster)
  • Grape Seed Extract with Resveratrol (supports vascular health and cardiovascular health)
  • Coenzyme Q-10 with L-Taurine (this can be quite expensive on its own, natural antioxidant that protects and rejuvenates your body against wear and tear) makes remembering to take them all easy peesy.

More love from this momma due to the KOGE’s philanthropic mission. For each bottle sold they donate a percentage to provide children in Africa with Vitamin A. This helps decrease mortality, increase immune system and rate of survival.  Raising hands in air and saying “thank you” KOGE for helping to keep my healthy, prevent traffic stress and for helping others.

Combined with the vitamins I take a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning 20 minutes before I eat my breakfast. This has done wonders to my system.  I don’t feel bloated after a meal since the food is breaking down faster and released quicker than before. My skin has cleared up (not that I have a huge issue with acne but they do pop up every now and then). When I started reading up on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar I learned it balances our internal PH level. Meaning it brings it down to an alkaline state, a state in which cancer cells die or slow their growth. Hey, whatever works to keep me healthy.

Now after my official “break-up’s” and “make-up’s” story, do you have a “break-up” letter you need to write? Have you found a new or two love’s to add to your daily routine? 


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