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Comotomo Bottles

Best Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

Baby bottles help the baby eat after the mother is done nursing her child. They are also perfect for storing breast milk with the help of breast pumps.

Out of many different companies that make baby bottles, Comotomo is one of the leading brands that manufacture various types of bottles for babies. Here, we will be reviewing their single best baby bottle that’s also Comotomo’s best seller.

We will give you a complete overview of the product with specifications and details, which will help you see why this bottle is the best for your little one.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Review

The Comotomo natural feel baby bottle is among the best Comotomo bottlesproduced by the company. It is soft and made of durable materials. As such, it helps babies in having a much safer and comfortable experience while feeding. It costs a pretty standard amount of money for such a high-quality baby bottle.

The following are all the features of the Comotomo bottle in great detail that will help you decide easily.

Naturally Shaped Baby Bottles

The bottle is designed to be naturally curved, making it easy to carry while feeding. However, the question is, what exactly is a natural shape for a bottle?

The natural shape of the bottle should ideally be crafted to fit the parents’ hand while feeding their babies. Additionally, the form should allow babies to hold the bottle themselves without it being too big or too slippery for them. The shape is also ideal for babies that are freshly shifting from breast milk to formula milk.

You will find all these features available in the Comotomo natural shape bottle. In fact, it is one of the only bottles that have taken the extra step in forming the right shape.

Slow Flow Nipple

The flow nipples of a bottle are equally important. It is of crucial importance since it is the part that comes in contact with the baby’s mouth the most. The nipple of the bottle should be soft, provide a slow flow, and efficiently pump out the milk from the bottle when the baby is drinking. However, the flow should not be high because your baby won’t be able to swallow, leading to choking.

The flow nipples of the best Comotomo baby bottle is soft, and it is made for slow flow with less of the pressure required from the baby’s drinking. You will also find a medium flow, a fast flow, and a variable flow option in the bottle, which will help the settings be adjusted according to the baby’s age.

The nipple part also has two vent holes in the sides of the top. One of the main concerns of every parent is the possibility of choking, which may happen while bottle feeding because of the lack of aeration. These air vents allow the air to be adequately circulated inside the bottle and reach the baby with as little air as possible. This process is anti-colic and eliminates gas, spit-up, and burping chances, making it much safer and healthier for your baby.

Silicone Bottle

Most of the baby bottles on the market today are made of plastic. Plastic is one of the leading causes of environmental issues and damage to human health. When it comes to your baby, Comotomo knows how concerned you are for their health, and you want to protect them from every danger out there.

The company makes these bottles with a silicone body. The silicone material itself is easy to clean. The best part is that it is made without BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and other chemical contaminations that you can find in many baby bottles. Additionally, you will also be saving the environment by going for silicone rather than plastic.

Silicone has many advantages; one of them is that it is very soft and squishy. The softness of the silicone bottles will never hurt your baby. They can keep their hands active while they are feeding on the bottle without risking being hurt. The soft silicone will also contour the shape of your baby’s hands or yours, which will make it much more enjoyable and comfortable to hold.

Contrary to popular belief, the soft silicone that this bottle is made of is entirely temperature safe. The silicone material will withstand microwave heating or refrigeration. The components of the silicone bottle will not change, and its silicone body will keep its shape as natural as possible. You can also throw these silicone bottles in the sterilizer or wash them by putting them in boiling water. The silicone bottle will not be damaged at any cost.


There’s always a risk of leakage when sterilizing plastic bottles. However, the Comotomo baby bottle is specially designed to be easy to clean. Usually, other narrow neck bottles tend to be very hard to clean, especially around the nipple ring. However, the Comotomo silicone bottle is much easier to clean than those plastic bottles, and you don’t even have to use a bottle brush.

Namely, the design of this bottle was made to be easily reachable without any hidden corners and twisted sides that may become a breeding ground for germs. Such clever design makes this the best Comotomo baby bottle according to parents’ experiences.

The super-wide opening allows parents to easily put their hand in the bottle and clean it thoroughly. The Comotomo bottle sterilizing can easily be done in an automatic sterilizer as well. The silicone material is dishwasher safe as well, which makes it much more convenient to wash.

Many regular bottles are friendly for the dishwasher, but a lot of dirt gets stuck in the corners and doesn’t wash appropriately because of their narrow neck. However, with the Comotomo, you do not have to worry about any of this.

Since the bottles are heat resistant as well, you can toss them in the steam cleaner. The best part of the material and the shape is that it becomes easier to sterilize, and it does not allow the bacteria and the germs to stay on the bottle.

The cleaning of the flow nipple is just as easy as it is for the bottle’s body. The silicone nipple can also be cleaned at any temperature, in the dishwasher, or the sterilizer with ease.

The convenience of cleaning the bottle in various ways is a huge plus for parents and the deciding factor at this point.

No leak Materials

For your child’s feeding to be as safe as possible, you need to ensure that the manufacturer hasn’t produced the bottle with any harmful chemicals. You can find out more about this from the company’s product information present on their product.

One of the most annoying things in a baby bottle is the leaking. The leakage can waste a lot of milk and ruin your bag if you’re outside with your little one. Not to mention that it can leave your child with no food.

This is why it is ideal for getting a bottle with good security features that will not leak its content. Mothers who feed their baby in a breast-to-bottle method with a breast pump know how important it is to have solid storage bottles that they can take anywhere without risk.

Wasting precious milk is not an option with the Comotomo baby bottle. The bottle has a solid neck which makes it tight enough not to allow any milk to leak. When fixing the pacifier of the bottle, you will see another fixed closing which ensures that the bottle is much tighter than regular bottles. Both of these systems combine to allow a better performance of the bottle and reduce the leaking.


The Comotomo bottles are designed both for infants and toddlers. However, you will need to get it in two different sizes.

The 150 ml bottles are perfect for infants who are not used to drinking much, while the 250 ml bottles are a fantastic choice for older babies. You can also use the big one to store breast milk and allow the baby to drink as much as they like and leave the rest for later.


To sum up the features, the following are a few pros that the bottle has, making it the best Comotomo baby bottle on the market.

  • The bottle has two different sizes that you can use as per your baby’s requirements and according to your convenience.
  • The company has taken additional measures to ensure that the bottle does not leak and waste milk.
  • Thanks to its clever design, the bottle can be easily washed and sterilized without damaging the material. Thanks to its wide neck and durable material, it can be washed by hand, in the sterilizer, the boiler, or steamer.
  • The bottle is made to be temperature resistant. You can put it in the microwave or the fridge without any problems.
  • Its silicone material is a better alternative to plastic. It contains no BPA, PVC, and Phthalate to harm your child in any way.
  • The material is soft and squishy and allows your child to hold it without a problem and even play with it. It also takes the shape of the hand holding the bottle, which adds to the comfort.
  • The nipple is soft and squishy and stimulates a breastfeeding experience. This makes it one of the best for babies that are slowly shifting to bottles from breastfeeding. Such a nipple also helps with bottle rejection since it resembles the breast.
  • Two ventilation holes allow better air circulation and provide an anti-colic feature.
  • The bottle is an ideal natural shape that is easy to hold for children and parents.
  • You can attach a sippy cup holder to use it as a sippy cup or help your child grab on to it with ease.
  • There are three different types of nipple openings in the bottle that will suit children of different ages.


  • The measurements are very fine, and they are almost unreadable.
  • The bottle does not have a solid foundation, and even though it rarely spills, it tips over easily.
  • The nipple tends to turn cloudy after some time.

Who Are These Bottles Perfect For?

These wide neck bottles are perfect for babies transitioning from breast to bottle towards the formula and away from breastfeeding. Its soft nipple will help babies find no difference between the softness of their mother’s breasts and the nipples of the bottles. Hence, the feeling will remain very natural to them, and they can latch on easily without feeling much difference between them both.

Working moms or those pumping milk and storing it because they need a break from their baby latching on to them will find these bottles very useful. You can pour your breast milk into this bottle and feed the baby quickly and conveniently without much difference.

Parents will also find convenience in these bottles as they can heat the milk or store it in the fridge with ease. You can also use these bottles in any form of sterilizer without a problem which saves time and ensures that your baby drinks the cleanest milk.

Things to Remember While Using This Bottle

Portrait of cute infant resting in mother’s arms, sucking on formula or expressed breast milk from glass nursing bottle. Tender young mom feeding her cute newborn child on couch in living room

Before you feed your child with thisbaby bottle or any other, here are some general things to keep in mind that will ensure the utmost safety for your child.

  • Make sure the bottles are deep-cleaned before using them. The best tip is to add a little baking powder when boiling the bottles and let them air dry in a ventilated room.
  • Make sure you choose the right nipple opening size so that your baby gets the proper flow of milk.
  • Keep in mind to give your baby the amount that they can finish or if you are planning to stop the supply of milk midway, make sure that you are there to supervise.
  • Do not share the bottle with anyone, not even with direct siblings.
  • Cover the bottle when not in use to avoid germs and bacteria from sticking to it.

About Comotomo

Comotomo has been around for about a decade. The company excels in making the best of baby products that make it easier for parents with newborns. With all the advanced technology globally, the company turned to a simple question of ‘why.’ Why all baby-related products and tools are status quo, and how can they be better and truly meet the parents’ requirements of today.

The company follows the slogan of being better than good in terms of quality and design. This slogan helps them achieve the best of the products for the assistance of parents and keep the babies’ health intact while using them.

The company is open to questions and reasoning on their products, allowing parents to contact them any time and ask about their products and the quality they are providing in great detail. They have a few but great quality products that make them a popular choice for parents.

Additional Comotomo Products

Aside from introducing the best Comotomo baby bottle in the market, the company also produces a few other outstanding products. We have reviewed them shortly so that you can see whether they can further help your baby and ease your nursing process.

Comotomo Pacifier

The Comotomo pacifier is a relatively new product on the market that has taken the baby world by storm. These pacifiers are soft and made without chemicals that can harm your baby. These pacifiers are specially designed for babies that like to suck their pacifiers even when they are sleeping.

The design is made to ensure that you can sterilize it without any problems and on every wash. It cleans deeply without a problem. Its silicone material enables you to clean it in the dishwasher, boiler, steamer at any temperature without an issue. It holds its form and feels like new with each use.

Comotomo Sippy Cup

The Comotomo baby bottles can easily be changed into a sippy cup or a handheld bottle with a little device. This handy tool turns the simple bottle into a Comotomo Sippy cup. This feature makes the bottles highly economical and allows you to use them for your child in their toddler years. You will love the holder; it is specially made for easy grip of parents and even for babies. The material is silicone which is much safer than plastic and a much durable option.

Bottom line

With great features such as the handy material, the natural shape, and the ventilation holes to prevent colic and other indigestions, this bottle is truly one of the best Comotomo bottles on the market. People who have used them have always given them a great review that contributes to the company’s trust. While this brand works hard to developing other brilliant products, this bottle shall remain the best Comotomo baby bottlethat babies and parents love.

With these bottles, you should not be worried about nipple confusion. For moms who want some freedom from feeding too often, with Comotomo, they have the option to pump milk and store it in these bottles. As such, their babies can drink at any time when hungry without any risk of contamination or storage issues. The wide, soft mound design of the Comotomo bottles makes for an easy transition from breast to bottle. The cleaning is also simple, thanks to the wide neck that accommodates a dish sponge and BPA-free material that makes the bottles dishwasher safe.