Spectra s2 vs. Medela Pump in Style

Spectra s2 vs. Medela Pump in Style

A Comprehensive Comparison of the Spectra s2 and the Medela Pump in Style

Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful periods ever, but it comes with enormous responsibilities. Working women have to devote a lot more time managing their jobs and caring for their newborns. Among many time-saving tools, electric breast pumps are a great innovation that is beneficial for all moms.

Breastfeeding is extremely important for babies. The availability of an electric breast pump allows the mothers to empty their breast milk in the container and keep it safe from all sorts of contamination for later use when the baby is hungry. The breast milk gets stored in these high-quality bottles and can be used even when the mom isn’t at home. These electric breast pumps apply sufficient suction force, which is ample for emptying the breast milk into the containers.

Many companies claim to provide efficient and commendable breast pumps to lactating mothers, but they fail to do so. The reason lies in the fact that these products handle the breasts and nipples quite poorly. Hence, when buying a breast pump, speed, noise, and efficiency aren’t the only features to be looking at. Moms need to be mindful of how these pumps come in contact with the breast. The last thing you need is sore or hurt nipples while still breastfeeding your little one.

Spectra S2 vs. Medela Pump in Style

Spectra S2 and the Medela Pump in Style are the two electric breast pumps most commonly used by breastfeeding moms. These popular and trendy electric breast pumps are known for various impressive specifications. For this, we have made a comprehensive comparison of the Spectra S2 vs. the Medela Pump in style to guide you to select the one that suits you the most.

Both of these electric breast pumps are high in quality. There are slight differences that will be the determining factor based on your specific needs.


The first thing we discuss in the Spectra S2 vs. Medela Pump review is that the Spectra S2 breast pump does not operate with batteries. It is quite an important feature that needs to be mentioned first as it might be a deal-breaker or a deal maker based on your unique needs.

In the case of Medela Pump in Style, the functionality of the pump and its proper operation are dependent upon 8AA batteries. There is a car adapter sold separately for the Medela as well. The Spectra S2 pump, on the other hand, only works when plugged in.


Both of these pumps vary in terms of warranty. The Spectra S2 comes with a warranty of 2 years. At the same time, the Medela Pump in Style is available with a guarantee of a year only.


The Spectra S2 pumps are one of the most sought-after breast pumps when it comes to additions to the primary function. This is because they are unique and well-known for their additional features. One of which is the LCD screen.

The LCD makes it a trendy and fabulous product but not only because it looks better but also because it eases usage. Namely, through the LCD, you see exactly which settings are available, like the suction speed and the strength, and you can easily select those that suit the most.

Weight and Materials

The bulkier a product is, the more challenging it becomes to carry it. If you are on the go quite often and want to pump while traveling, you need to get the one with fewer breast pump parts and that is lighter.

The Medela Pump in Style is a bit heavier than the Spectra S2 pump. Medela’s weight is about 7 pounds, while the Spectra S2 weighs 3.3 pounds. The most important thing is that the plastic of both of these pumps is BPA-free.


The bottles or the milk container that an electric pump comes with should be of high quality and free of harmful chemicals. With each electric breast pump, you get 2 to 4 additional bottles to store the milk for later use safely.

Namely, the Spectra S2 pump comes with two bottles, while the Medela pump comes with four bottles. If you feel full or want to pump more when you’re not at home, the Medela is a better choice due to the bigger number of bottles.


When comparing both pumps Spectra S2 vs. Medela pump, it is worth noting that the Medela pump comes with three bags. These three bag options include the Metro bag, Backback, and on-the-go Tote bag. When it comes to the Sectra S2 pump, it does not have any bags included in its package. This is a real downside, especially if you’re planning on traveling with it.

The bags keep it safe and secured, and each one is stylish and hides the pump well.


The Spectra S2 uses a closed system, while the Medela pump is an open system pump. This is one of those features you have to pay close attention to because they can significantly impact your use of the pump and the milk quality.

The closed system of Spectra S2 ensures optimum backflow protection and limits the possibility of the milk getting in contact with the pumping or other external parts. This means that the milk does not get contaminated by the microorganisms such as bacteria or mold. The system stays closed and always sterilized.

In the open system of the Medela pump, there is no backflow protection, and the risk of milk contamination is increased. As it gets pumped, the milk can move back into the tubing and get contaminated. Moms need to clean the entire device and the tubing properly after each use.


Noise is one of the most notorious factors because it can cause the most disturbance while using the pump. Pumps that make a lot of noise should be avoided, or it becomes challenging to perform other tasks. If your pump is loud, you won’t be able to talk on the phone while pumping or be near your sleeping baby. You will have to pump isolated, and that can get quite annoying at times.

What’s worse, pumps that make a loud noise are more likely to heat up rapidly due to their motor.

The Spectra S2 is the quieter one compared to the Medela pump. Spectra S2 makes it relatively easier for moms to pump milk while doing other things in the house. The other big difference is the pumping in public spaces. With a quieter pump, you will be able to pump without getting noticed by people around. However, if the pump is loud, it might feel slightly uncomfortable.

Easy To Carry

Working women often have to travel from one place to another. Even in the case of tours or outings, a mom with her baby will undoubtedly need her pump close by. Having the right breast pump with you can help you out in such situations.

However, an easy-to-carry breast pump isn’t the one that is lighter in weight only. It is also the one that has fewer parts in its system. Pumps with more parts will be heavier, but they also increase the chances of leaving something behind or spending more time cleaning parts on the go.

With that said, the Spectra S2 proves to be the better one in this regard as lactating mothers found it to be an excellent product for traveling.


Price is one of the critical factors to consider when making a purchase. As discussed earlier, both products prove to be good in terms of quality and efficiency. If we were to compare these two pumps based on their price tag, we would say the Spectra S2 breast pump is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for an outstanding electric breast pump that is reasonably priced, this one will provide the best value for your money.

Thanks to its great features and low cost, moms can easily afford this excellent breast pump.


The Medela Pump In Style contains a dial rather than buttons, while the Spectra S2 is a button-operated machine. Both devices have their pros and cons in terms of operating. However, the Spectra S2, based on moms’ experiences, is more easily handled than the Medela Pump in Style.

So, although there isn’t much difference between the two operating methods, if you’re looking for a pump that will be slightly easier to set up, we suggest picking the Spectra S2 over the Medela Pump in Style.

Easy to Organize

The users of the Medela can take a sigh of relief as they do not need to worry about organizing the different parts of the pump. With it, moms can indeed pump in style without having to worry about the mess. This pump comes with a microfiber bag that ensures proper organization and keeps the parts in good condition.

When having such a good organizer for your pump, you can rest assured that no part will be lost or left behind. The Spectra S2, unfortunately, does not come with any additional bags for its safe storage.

Cooler Bag

Having a cooler bag with you on the go when pumping is one of the most important things to consider. If you pump a lot of milk and your little one does drink it, all your effort and time spent will go to waste along with the spoilt milk.

You have to be extra careful of how you keep the milk to prevent it from spoiling and ensure that your little one gets only the best from you. For that, the Medela Pump in Style comes with a cooler bag where you can store all the extra milk intact for later use. The availability of the cooler bag prevents spoilage and keeps the breast milk in good condition until you get home and refrigerate it.

So, when comparing Spectra vs. Medela in terms of pumping ease on the go, the Medela is the better choice.

Time Efficient

Thanks to its suction speed and strength, the Medela breast pump is considered a popular and impressive choice that offers better time efficiency. When compared side-by-side, this time-saving machine contributed to a better milk flow, as moms report.

Because of its two-phase expression technology, you can enjoy pumping the milk faster with the Medela pump. With it, you can pump more milk in a shorter amount of time.

The Medela uses a Maximum Comfort Vaccum system that allows moms to get more milk efficiently. With its suction and speed, it is an excellent aid for new moms that need a massage to get more milk. The pump does that for you while pumping. This way, you can save your precious time and use it for cuddling with your little one by buying the Medela pump.

Spectra vs. Medela Conclusion

This Spectra S2 vs. Medela Pump review will be of great help if you search for the right breast pump. Overall, these two pumps are an excellent choice when it comes to performance and long-term use. There are slight differences that will be the determining factor in purchasing one or the other.

Both offer a good suction and a good pumping speed. However, the noise of the Medela pump might be a problem, while the lack of a cooler bag or carrying bag may be a deal-breaker for you when it comes to the Spectra S2.

Price, quality, and efficiency are the most prominent characteristics to be considered. Simply stick to the essential features that you want to consider when buying, and we are sure that you will make the right decision for you and your baby.