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I recently competed in my first team crossfit competition over the weekend. Originally I was planning on going and cheering for my friends competing, however, there was a very last minute change to one of the teams which resulted in me participating rather that spectating.

Crossfit has taken the world of sport by storm. It has grown in popularity and has become a culture. A culture of exposing your strengths just as much as your weaknesses.  A culture where human movement is challenged by skills that require training and technique. A culture that encourages you to push out of your comfort zone and attempt new things all alongside people that are pushing themselves also.

Last but not least my perception of crossfit changed completely after actually participating in this event. It’s a community of like minded individuals all striving towards the same goal; the goal to push out of your comfort zone and feel empowered.

Onto my adventure: Time and time again I would see and even join into a few of these WOD’s (Workout of the Day), of course, when I wasn’t training with my toddler 🙂  Depending on the nature of the WOD we would have either an AMRAP (as many reps as possible), METCON (metabolic conditioning) or Skill based program. With that said, I clearly understood what I was jumping into last minute and still didn’t think twice to help out my friends. My only concern with jumping in so late was that I didn’t really train at all and no where near as frequent as these group of individuals had been doing.  Okay, who am I kidding, my only other concern was if I was asked to run longer than 2 minutes, I may not be able to make it. Sprints good, long distance bad for this momma.

Anyway, the way these crossfit challenges operate is that they don’t give you the workouts until 2 days prior to the event. Waiting eagerly to hear what torture I mean workout would be the first to complete as a team was intense.  We finally got it……DRUM ROLL please……………4km Trail Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..are you freaking kidding me. The universe is clearly challenging my weakness.

Next day (Friday) we got the rest of the challenges with a surprise challenge to be revealed the day of the event in the morning.
Event 2a-As a team of 6 (3 men/3women), choose the best person to complete one of the lifts (all lifts had to be done)
1RM Jerk <—this one was mine
2RM Clean
5RM Overhead Squat

Event 2b- every team member must complete
1 Minute Burpees to a Plate
1 Minute Snatch 135lbs MEN / 95lbs WOMEN

It was cold (5 degrees) and raining non-stop. The run sucked although I must admit the scenery was beautiful. Ah well, I completed it with the most encouraging team around.

Challenge 2a – Jerk DONE!!!

The announcement for the final challenge was posted. Eeeek.
Event 3 – male / female partners complete AMRAP for 5 minutes
a) Knees to elbows (K2E) / deficit push-up (PU) ladder – go up by 2′s each set
b) rope climb / kettlebell swing (50lbs men / 32 lbs women)  ladder, go up by 2′s each set  <_ this one was mine
c) pull ups / air squats ladder , up by 2′s each set

“I’m in my zone, I’m feeling it”
Watch video (I’m the one wearing all black)  HERE
We came in 5th out of 34 on this challenge :)

To summarize the day:  We were given a variety of challenges to complete as an entire team, partnered with one other team member and individually. It was a day where ‘digging deeper’ was the ultimate name of the game. Our strengths were challenged as were our weaknesses. My perception of these competitions have changed completely. This comp was all about encouragement from an entire community. A huge shout out to my incredible team. Thanks guys and gals for the memorable day.

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