Gratitude: 21 reasons to be grateful

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It’s only fitting that for Thanksgiving Monday I take a moment and write out everything I am grateful for in life.

1. Parents: For giving me life
2. Siblings: For all the sibling memories
3. Husband: For being my soul mate

4. Son: For being the greatest gift in my life
5. Dog: For the unconditional love
6. Friends: For always being there when I need you
7. BFF: For being my soul sista
8. Teachers old & new: For guiding me how unleash my skills inside & out
9. Health: For keeping me strong, agile and healthy now and for years to come
10. 5 senses: For allowing me to see the colors, taste the flavors, feel the textures, hear to birds and smell the roses
11. Food: For nourishing me
12. Brain: For the ability to imagine, create, believe and process and store memories
13. Body: For allowing me to move and be free
14. Speech: For the ability to communicate with others
15. Emotions: For allowing me to react from the heart with laughter or tears all stemming from a place of love
16. Home: For providing us shelter
17. Technology: For progressing the human race
18. Mother earth: For being a wonderful hostess
19. Universe: For the stars, moon, sun and other planets
20. Mother nature: For creating life in all different forms
21. LIFE. Thank you for being so kind to me and allowing me to experience love and everything else.

What are you grateful for?

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