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In the age of absolute connectedness having a handheld device that offers a variety of options is a must, well it is for this momma. I say that because I still have friends that are quite content with their standard phone.  My phone is an extension of my body, sad to admit but it’s true.   Since it’s an extension of my body having a phone that has a long battery life is a necessity but  hard to find. I’ve had multiple phones that by mid-day  needed to be re-charged. Yes, I use it that much.

So when I was selected to review the brand new LG G2 phone I was thrilled. One of its hardware features was a longer battery life to any other LG phone on the market.  Giving this was my first LG phone I couldn’t compare it to another LG. However, the assortment of other Android phones I’ve previously owned this phone was triumphant in securing the top spot for battery life.  Gone were the days of mid-day recharging. Happy, happy, happy momma.

Snapping pictures, camera rolling, chatting on the phone, texting  and of course keeping in touch with my social media outlets I find my phone usage fairly straightforward.   I was thrilled to review the new features such as the rear key one finger controls and of course the optical image stabilizer (OIS)  that someone like me who loves snapping pictures and video taping our son’s precious moments would make good use of.  What I typically look for when in the market for a new handheld is something that isn’t too complicated yet has many built-in features that reduces any added fuss for communicating and capturing moments.  The LG G2 had all of this and more.

The LG G2 volume up/down and on/off buttons are on the back of the phone.  This I found helpful when I was talking on the phone and needed to adjust the volume by simply using my index finger to adjust it.  No more  messing around with the side buttons and risking dropping the phone or what typically happens, pressing the phone into my cheek too hard and hanging up on the person, whoops.

The beauty of the LG G2 phone is that it has also made these keys serve dual purposes than merely volume up/down. Both these keys when in the locked screen mode can direct you to immediate access to one of the useful features.  Features that this momma LOVED.

Holding the Volume UP button = Directs you to Quick Memo.  Here you can jot down notes, screen shots and even draw on the screen shots and then share them with your friends and family.  I have sticky notes everywhere but while I was testing out the LG G2 phone no more sticky notes due to the awesome feature of making the Quick Memo an overlay on the screen. Quick access always.

Holding the Volume DOWN button = As  a mom, I want to capture every waking moment of our son’s life. Forget the selfies,  it’s all about him and all his daily adventures.  Having a busy body toddler that doesn’t stay still for longer than he can count.  This feature of holding the volume down button for quick access to the camera app from the lock screen is genius.  No more fussing around with unlocking the phone, opening up the camera app and of course by the time these seconds pass, the moment has too. NO MORE with this awesome feature. BONUS!!!

Speaking of the camera, the LG G2 UI (user interface) is user-friendly with plenty of options to jazz up your photo’s with a simple touch of the screen. Modes like the Shot & clear, dynamic tone, panorama, VR panorama, burst shot, beauty shot, dual Camera, time catch shot, intelligent auto, sports and night are all included as camera mode features.  Photobombers watch out, this camera’s shot & clear mode is set to erase you from pictures you’re not wanted in. Having the phone in this mode and with a few simple taps, poof, photobomber or unwanted object is removed. Technology as it’s finest.

The LG G2′s 13MP camera is stunning. Remember, the busy body toddler,  he also loves his trains and everything about moving them along their tracks, couches, window sills, bed frames and….you get it.

The photo below is untouched. Our train conductor at his best. The colours of each train are vibrant with great contrast from the rest of the shot.

I recently had an accident that left me immobile and in bed for over a week.  I’m completely caught up on the daily news and happenings from every news source around. I’ve also watched online conferences and webinars using the phone and all I can say is WOW, the full HD screen is unbelievable.

Since I was a prisoner to my bedroom, the hubs was in charge of all the cooking. The percentage of take out to home cooked meals has been low but nonetheless a few take out meals have been in order.  At least he picked up a salad with chicken, bacon, eggs, avocado and diced tomato.  I won’t lie, this meal was yummy however after taking this picture and zooming into the shot, the “chicken” is questionable at best.  Thanks LG G2 for such a detailed camera that showed every layer, ick, of this so called ‘chicken’.

I must note that while the hubby was out picking up dinner I had to send him a list of things we needed such as more apples (our son is addicted to apples) and other food items. The keypad on this phone was designed with my sanity in mind.  Switching back from the alphabet keypad to the numerical keypad drives me crazy with the other phones I’ve owned. LG G2 heard this momma’s grumbles and put both keypads together as one. No more switching back and forth.

When the rebel in me needed to get out of the confinement of our bedroom, I would crutch my way over to our spare/gym room and do my rehab exercises there.  Our son would follow along and while I did my exercises, he would naturally play with kid in the mirror or watch his momma from a new perspective.

SON: “Mirror, mirror against the wall, who’s the cutiest little boy of them all?
MOMMA: “Mirror, mirror against the wall, who’s little prints touch you most of all?

Amazing how crisp and still clear the 100% crop is from the photo above.


  • Super long Battery life (far out lives any of the phones in our household)
  • Rear key single finger control with dual purpose
  • Screen is beautiful
  • Transitions are smooth
  • Double tap (knock on) the screen to wake it up
  • Camera: 13 MP Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS)
  • HD screen stunning
  • WiFi connection is good
  • Keypad includes numbers


  • Phone is quite large for my small hands (5.45 x 2.79 x 0.35 in)

If you’re in the market for a new phone, I would highly recommend the LG G2.  Available at the following providers: Bell, Rogers, Sask Tel, Telus, Videotron and Wind Mobile

*The post was generously sponsored by LG G2, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit

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