The Best High Chair For Your Baby

The Best High Chair For Your Baby

One of the most helpful inventions for parents of infants and toddlers is the high chairs. High chairs allow the parents to seat their baby on the dining table while they can easily have dinner on their own and feed their baby too. This process makes it easy for the parent and the child to learn confidence and the importance of being in the dining room together and having dinner at a very young age. You can also take high chairs anywhere if they are portable. Family picnics no longer have to be messy, and your child can enjoy their playtime.

Best 10 High Chairs for You and Your Baby

Finding the best among all baby high chairs is not an easy task anymore because there are many options in the market. This compilation will help you find the best high chair for your child’s requirements. Our buying guide and FAQs will help remove confusion, and the product reviews will help review the market.

High Chair Reviews

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

The ‘ciao’ baby high chair is the best portable high chair for parents that are always on the go and want something portable for their children. You can fold it, so it is perfect for family picnics and the dining table at home. The design is lightweight and easily collapsible so that the mobility is increased, and you can carry it on your back even when you are with your baby.

The attached tray is a vinyl tray that is easy to wipe, clean, and sterilizes once your baby is done making a mess. The simple material additionally helps you in washing it down with water or a damp cloth. There is less chance of stains and dirt sticking to the material since it does not absorb it.

The vinyl tray has a cup holder that keeps the cups in place so that your young one cannot throw them repeatedly and make a mess. It also makes a perfect way to keep the cup in place and reduce the chance of the liquid spilling over. The safety harness has a five-point safety level which ensures that your baby is safe even when you have left them on the chair by themselves. The weight limit of this high chair is up to 35 lbs or about 0 – 3 years of age.

  • This portable high chair is lightweight and a true space saver when not in use.
  • The vinyl tray and cup holder allow less mess and easy to wipe clean.
  • The durable material does not soak in germs and stains and is highly easy to clean with as little as a damp cloth.
  • The five-point safety harness allows satisfaction to parents.
  • The weight limit is only up to 35 lbs.
  • The chair does not have a soft chair or back support for the child.

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

The Cosco simple chair design is perfect for traveling as well as being at home. The chair folds flat, so it’s easily mobile, and you can store it conveniently. It is one of the best folding high chairs that you can find in the market.

It can also stand on its own when folded flat, making it easy to carry around and store in any corner of the house. The design additionally unfolds quickly without being too complex or having additional parts to assemble.

The weight limit of this high chair is pretty good. It can hold up to 50 lbs for children of approximately 0 – 5 years of age. This high chair has a three-point harness to keep the baby safe in the chair without sliding off or falling. The harness and the straps are highly adjustable, which means that they tend to grow with your child.

The seat has a colorful design for the child to enjoy an easy-wipe seat pad, allowing the parents to clean without a hassle. The attached table has three positions in which it can be adjusted to give your child the required space or help fit the child easily in the chair. The seat of this high chair is cushioned so that your child remains comfortable and enjoys mealtime.

  • Easily foldable and easily unfolded for portability.
  • The table has a three-point harness which gives the child.
  • You can easily wipe the seat without any cleaning hassle.
  • Children up to 50 lbs. or five years can easily fit into the chair.
  • You cannot remove the fabric entirely for washing.
  • There are only three-strap harnesses for safety whereas, for young ones, fives are more suitable.

Evenflo Convertible High Chair

The Evenflo convertible high chair is another great baby high chair because it provides utmost protection for your baby, and it grows with them to give support as your little one grows. It is a convertible high chair with three different seating positions that help your baby in different ages of their life.

The first stage of this chair is the simple high chair designed for babies a few months old and can sit independently without the needed support. The weight limit of this high chair goes up to 40 lbs easily. It helps you feed your child on your level without any inconvenience. You can remove the table, and the safety harness keeps your baby protected at all times.

The second stage is perfect for seating a few month olds without having to heighten the chair. Their feet may touch the ground, and the attached table allows them to be fed or even eat by themselves if they can. At this stage, the weight limit of the high chair is up to 50 lbs. The safety harness remains safe at this point and can be adjusted according to the child’s size.

In the third phase, this becomes a convertible high chair that includes a separate table. You can remove the high chair from the table entirely. The table and chair package allows the child to be independent while dining and playing. It is ideal for children who have at least learned how to walk. You can attach the safety harness for additional protection.

  • The chair can turn into a low chair for parents to independently feed their child.
  • Evenflo is a fast table chair that includes a separate table by removing the high chair tray for the child’s independence.
  • The safety harness remains intact in all three stages.
  • Solid weight limit that allows the high chair to be used for many years.
  • It does not include a reclining seat.
  • The center leg post is removed from the tray, which is not ideal.

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

Fisher-price has always been an outstanding company to new and experienced parents. Their products are top-notch quality, and they allow parents to be more confident with the help and support that it provides to their babies.

This fisher price chairs the best high chair for small spaces. It is specificallydesigned for small houses and apartments that don’t have the space to store high chairs easily. It contains all the features that you will want in a high chair, except it is more space-saving and a better option for parents overall.

The mechanism allows you to easily fit the chair to any dining table or kitchen table without the use of extra space. You can also detach the table and wash it while folding the chair for safe and easy storage. The high chair is adjustable in height, allowing you to set it to the angle that you find most comfortable to feed your young one. It offers different reclining seat options, making it easier for parents to use it for their children at different ages. The seat fabric is Nano-Tex fabric which is easily washable in the machine while being stain-resistant and easy to clean.

You can also get the seat pad of your choice as they are readily available in the market. One of the best features of this chair is that it is easy to convert to a sitting stool on any regular chair. The harness has three-point harnesses for safety. With all these features, this one is undoubtedly the best hook on a high chair.

  • You can convert the seat to a sitting stool on a regular change.
  • You can save space by simply attaching it to any table or dining table.
  • Two different height settings allow convenience to the parents.
  • The high chair has multiple recline positions that add convenience and comfort.
  • The fabric of the infant seat can quickly be taken off and washed in the machine.
  • The seat is not exactly made for picnics until you have a table.
  • Because of the fabric, you cannot easily wipe the high chair. It has to be washed entirely.

Ingenuity Trio Ridgedale High Chair

The ingenuity Trio Ridgedale high chair is a mixture of three essential baby seats, making it one of the best high chairs you can find in the market. The seat pad is made of an easy-to-clean material in the washing machine without any risk of damaging the fabric. The table is dishwasher safe, so you can take it off entirely and wash it on the go. The seat has multiple reclining positions that add comfort for the baby and adjust to the feeding requirements according to their age.

Moreover, the tray is designed to adjust in four different locking positions, making it easy for the child to fit in according to their age. It also allows the parents to conveniently strap the child in and lock the tray for added safety.

Another high chair position is simply the child’s seat on the dining chair for less space consumption while feeding the child. The last style is the toddler seat, a simple high chair for toddlers to sit on without worrying about the height. 

This portable high chair is equipped with wheels. They allow you to drag the chair anywhere without much problem. The easy storage feature enables storing without scratching the surface of your house. The locking system in the wheels reduces the movement of the chair when the baby is sitting.

  • The tray is dishwasher safe and easily detachable.
  • The seat is a three-in-one design: the booster seat, the low infant seat, and the toddler booster.
  • The seat has three different recline positions.
  • The high chair has wheels with a locking system for added safety and easy storage.
  • There is no ring for baby toys.
  • The toddler chair does not have much height.

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Annoyed cute baby sitting in highchair and throwing slices of fruits. First solid food or child care concept

The Abiie beyond high wooden chair is one of the best wooden dining chairs for babies and parents. You can adjust the chair according to the children’s height, which means that it will grow with your baby. You can change the height without any tools and in less than 20 seconds, making it much more convenient.

It can also be sized for parents that want an extra adult chair. The tray is also easy to remove with as much convenience as removing it with one hand. You can adjust the harness with the five points or even the three points according to your child’s age and requirements. Toddlers can use the chair by simply removing the tray and using it with the dining table.

The attached harness will readily provide safety for your child as a baby or even as a toddler. The seat cushion is stain-resistant, which means it is easy to wipe it clean with a damp cloth or sponge. It is also waterproof so that no mess is made by your child when the food seeps through the material. The wooden tray can be used independently or with a dishwasher-safe plastic tray that you can fit on it for much easy cleaning.

  • You can adjust the seat to fit almost any height, including for the parents.
  • It has a three-point safety harness and a five-point harness that ensures using the chair for toddlers.
  • It comes with a reliable restraint system.
  • You can adjust the height of the chair without tools.
  • The seat cushions on the wood chair are waterproof and stain-resistant; You can clean them with ease.
  • You cannot recline the seat.
  • There are not different locking positions of the tray.
  • Any of the parts of this high wooden chair are not dishwasher safe.

Graco Blossom Convertible High Chair Seating System

The Graco Blossom high chair is one of the best high chairs that you can find to grow with your baby and help you with parenting. This high chair has various stages that can be used as your baby grows.

There are about six different height adjustments on this product that you can set according to the table height or the baby’s requirement. The footrest of the high chair is in three different positions for the comfort of the baby. The seat can also recline at three separate angles as per the feeding requirement of the child.

Furthermore, the leatherette seat pad is made to quickly clean up the mess after your baby without making much effort. It is also machine washable for a deep cleaning process. The chair can convert to a booster seat you can strap to any chair, making it perfect for two children.

The chair can further be detached to the legs to make it a toddler booster that fits any chair, and the child can enjoy sitting on it. You can also use it as an independent harnessed toddler chair that can reach up to the dining or kitchen table. The weight limit is up to 50 lbs, enabling you to use the toddle booster seat and the entire high chair for many years to come.

  • The material of the Graco Blossom seat is leatherette which is easy to clean by wiping or by machine wash.
  • The seat can accommodate two children at once by fitting one end to the chair and the other on the floor as a high chair.
  • The high chair has a solid weight limit of 50 lbs with five-point harness safety.
  • You can adjust the height of the chair.
  • Different reclining positions as well.


  • The booster seat is not ideal for traveling.
  • The straps are non-adjustable, which means that at one point, your baby will outgrow them.

Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Highchair

The summer infant high chair is one of the best travel high chairs made with features to make it easier to use anywhere, including picnics or a visit to grandma’s house. It comes with a convenient travel bag and is lightweight, allowing you to transport it on your back while holding the baby.

Furthermore, the safety harness comes with three points that make it much safer for children to use. The dishwasher-safe tray cover on this high chair is made of BPA-free plastic. It protects your baby from coming in contact with harmful materials.

The material of this high chair allows parents to simply wipe off the mess that their child has made without much hassle. You can also throw it in the washing machine for a deep cleaning process. The product additionally has a storage pocket on its rear, allowing parents to keep small and essential items handy for the baby’s use.

The extra stands on the legs of this high chair and the crotch restraint allow maximum stability on almost any surface, including grass. The feet also have a rubber attached that reduces the chances of the high chair slipping. It is effortless to store in any corner of the house without taking much space. The weight limit goes up to 40 lbs, enabling children from 6 months to up to 3 years to use the high chair.

  • Highly portable with a storage bag and easy folding.
  • The table of this high chair is plastic but without BPA.
  • Easy to wash and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • The legs are extra stable with nonslip rubbers.
  • You cannot recline the seat.
  • The tray does not have options in the locking system.

JOOVY Nook High Chair

If you are looking for the best cheap high chair, then Joovy is a very reasonable option. This high chair has features that make it perfect and comfortable for your child and even more convenient for you to use. The tray has four different locking systems that allow you to set the tray according to your baby’s requirements.

The tray is a large swing-open tray that you can easily adjust with one hand without any complications. To take your child out of the chair, all you have to do is swing the tray open and unlock the harness. If you would like the best space saver high chair, this high chair will do the job.

The Joovy Nook high chair can easily be folded into a compact size and stored anywhere in the house. This feature makes the chair highly portable as well. The seat of the chair is given much thought too. The leatherette material is a machine washable deluxe padded fabric.

You can also wipe off the stains with a damp cloth and soap. The chair also has a footrest which further ensures that your child is comfortable in the seat and has no problem eating. You can exert up to 50 lbs of weight on this high chair without any problem, which means that children up to 3 or 4 years can use it.

  • The leatherette material of the high chair can be easily washed in the machine and wiped by hand.
  • The table is a simple swing-open mechanism.
  • The table also has four different locking settings for the child’s requirements.
  • You can fold it in a compact size for storage and portability.
  • The height of the chair is not adjustable.
  • You cannot recline the seat.

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair

The OXO tot seedling high chair is a very convenient option for parents as you can use it from the infant stage of your life to up to the toddler years without any safety concerns. The features are carefully designed to ensure that your child gets the best support and comfort at every stage.

The seat of this high chair is made uniquely contoured, allowing your child to be comfortable. It also removes any hindrance to their growth with the wrong kind of seat.

The seat can easily recline for infants. With its reclined design, your child y can be in a comfortable position after eating. You can use the five height adjustments for different places where you use it according to your table’s height. The assembly and the height adjustments are all tool-free for maximum comfort of the child.

This high chair has a 5-point harness so that your child is provided with as much safety as possible. The material can easily be wiped off or even thrown in the machine for a deeper cleaning process. For storage, you can simply detach the two-part frame and store it without taking up much space. The tray is easy to remove and can be washed in the dishwasher as well. You will also find wheels to prevent scratches on your floor.

  • You can wipe off the seat cover by hand, and it is machine washable too.
  • Five-point harness for added safety.
  • You can remove the tray and clean it in the dishwasher.
  • The seat heights of the chair can be adjusted.
  • The wheels do not have a stopper.
  • The footrest is not adjustable.

How To Choose the Best High Chair

Pensive red haired baby looking down at floor from high chair and biting tray. Low angle. Feeding process or child care concept

Our buying guide is here to help you find the best high chair with features that will make it convenient for you and comfortable for your baby. In the text below, we have listed all the focal points and features that you should ideally have in mind when buying a high chair.

Safety Harness

One of the most important factors that you will have to consider is the seat’s safety harness. The safety harness can be with two points, three points, or even a five-point harness. Each determines the level of safety and the number of straps your baby will be secured with while sitting. Additionally, it is ideal for the safety straps to be adjustable so that you can use the high chair as the baby grows. If not, your little one will soon outgrow the high chair, and you will have to get another one.

Tray Adjustability

Another factor that you should consider is the tray adjustability of the chair. The tray should ideally come out entirely for easy washing. It should also have a couple of options for the lock positions to fit the baby just right. This feature will also allow the chair to be used until the toddler years of the child. It is helpful if the tray has cup holder placements that will prevent spillage.


The collapsibility of the high chair is very important for the parent. Firstly, because the collapsing of the chair can easily allow storage on any end of the house without consuming much space. Secondly, collapsing is essential because it increases the chair’s portability. With easy mobility, you can take the chair everywhere and anywhere for your baby’s comfort.

Hook In or Standing?

The new kind of high chairs can be standing or easily hooked into the dining table as a kitchen chair. However, it is good for you to check the height adjustability of the high chair to see if it fits your table. Additionally, you will have to check the locking system of the chair that fits into the table for increased safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Young mom and cute baby daughter eating green vegetables at dining table, having dinner. Little child wearing plastic bib, sitting in high chair. Child care concept

Many parents who are on a quest for the best high chair have had questions in their minds that indeed confused them at one point. We have answered a few of the most popular questions about high chairs to the best of our knowledge.

Which High Chair Safety Harness Is the Best?

You must have safety harnesses on your child’s seat for maximum security. However, make sure you do not get something that entirely restricts the movements of the baby. A five-point harness is an ideal option that helps the child move around while keeping them safe.

Moreover, it is excellent to get the ones that have adjustable straps on them. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the belt is soft and does not dig into your child’s skin as it may cause serious injuries.

How Should I Keep the High Chair Lasting Long?

If you are looking for long-term use, you will require a high chair with maximum transition ability. These kinds of chairs are the most popular these days, and you can get them at a pretty reasonable price point. They usually have three stages: the regular high chair, the one without a toddler table, and the one that can fit on the chair.

You should also look for those high chairs that can hold up to at least 50 pounds for babies. Additionally, some high chairs offer an infant booster that you can use separately.

Are the High Chairs Made of Wood Safer?

Plastic is the leading cause of the environmental troubles that we are facing nowadays. Of course, with added chemicals like BPA, such chairs are not considered ideal for human skin, especially babies. Wood is an excellent option for extra cautious parents.

There are several of the best high chairs made of wood. However, the only problem that may lie is that wood is less likely to be portable as it is cumbersome and bulky. Additionally, it won’t be as easily cleaned as the high plastic chairs.

What Is the Ideal Material for the Seat?

There are several materials that the seat of the high chairs is made of, and the questions lie in the best quality of them. You can choose breathable and cool fabrics like cotton, but they are most likely to stain easily and be hard to clean.

Parachute material is also a good option, but it might be hot. One of the best materials for this purpose is a leatherette. Leatherette is easy to wash and even wipe down. It is cool and very comfortable for the baby.

The High Chair Buying Guide Conclusion

A mother feeds her discontented child with a spoon .mother’s hand feeds the baby porridge at home . The baby is sitting on a high chair and eating porridge

After reading this article, you might have had an idea of the kind of high chair that is the best high chair for your baby. Ensure to read our product reviews carefully, as they will help you analyze the product you are interested in the most. It is no coincidence that all these products are marked as the best high chairs in the market.

When you think you are ready to go and purchase the high chair of your choice for your baby, keep a checklist that you could derive from this article. Mark everything you will need from such a product and don’t let other chairs confuse you. Indeed, there are multiple options on the market, but only a few offer the best quality.

When planning the budget, don’t compromise on quality. Buying a low-quality chair only to save money will pose a health hazard for your baby and will probably be worthless after a year of use.