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You have your boss on the line, who’s barking at you to get in early to the office to handle the important client. Your husband decides this the time he can’t find the tie he just absolutely has to wear today. Your kids meanwhile are waiting for their breakfast to be ready and lunches packed. And you are running out of time, and wishing why you didn’t have a time machine or at least an extra pair of hands.

Here are some tips that are guaranteed to save you some time in the kitchen

kitchen saving tips
  1. Organize – No one likes a messy kitchen, and working in one is also quite a turn off. So make sure you keep your counter clean and neat. Clear away the used utensils, and put away the clean ones. Wipe away any spills. Organize everything in such a manner, that you can find what you want easily. It’s a good practice to have an idea about what kind of meals your family likes, and the amount of time you have on your hands to prepare the meal. If you can, plan for tomorrow’s meal today. Think of things that are easy and quick to make, if you’re going to have a particularly busy day.
  2. Chop up those veggies – This one’s a no brainer. When you watch those cookery shows, all the ingredients are put in different containers in the right quantities, while keeping everything from salt to the oils used ready, you can always cut your vegetables beforehand. Cut/chop/dice/shred the vegetables in the manner you use the most.
  3. Keep It Simple – Look up for recipes that give you easy to cook meal options that can save you time. If you plan on cooking an elaborate meal, remember that time is a constraint for you. Try opting for elaborate meals on the weekends. You’ll enjoy it more.
  4. Crock-pot It – A crockpot is basically a slow cooker, that can come up with some amazing soups and stews during the day. You’ll just have to add in the veggies and the spices, and turn it on. It’ll take about 6-9 hours, leaving you with lot of time to attend to meetings and other important things.
  5. Plan Ahead – Planning is always a good thing. If you are going to prepare pasta or a casserole or any dish that can be frozen and had later on – increase the quantity you are aiming for. If you are making enough for 4 people, make enough for at least 7, so that on a particularly busy day – you can just get it out, re-heat it and have dinner ready in no time.

Today’s women are no longer confined to the space of a kitchen, where they had the whole day to come up with elaborate meals – ones which required lot of cooking and preparation time. Women have grown and are soon occupying and exceling in the same levels as the men folk. And these time-savers might just save the day.  

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