Age is Only a Number: You’re Never too Old to Inspire

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We all know as the we age our body undergoes many changes. Visible changes to our skin with wrinkles, our hair changing texture and color or just stops growing and features like our noses and ears become larger. Along with these external changes there are internal changes as well that are vast and inevitable. Our bones begin to lose density, our circulatory system begins to lose its elasticity, our organs start working less efficiently and our joints begin creaking and feeling less mobile, just to name a few.  These age related issues are part of life however with a healthy lifestyle they can most certainly be slowed down.

Hopefully these inspirational stories will help get you thinking differently at the number of candles on your cake. Instead, they will help inspire and push you to continue on celebrating life through movement, nutrition and  zest.

  1. Fauja Singh
    Age: 101 years old
    Sport: Marathoner.
    Notable: Completes London Marathon 2012 in 7:49minutes.
    More info: Mr. Singh took up serious running when he was 89!

2. Olga Koltelko
Age:  93 years old
Sport: Canadian track SUPERSTAR
Notable: The competitive Ms. Koltelko has received over 600 gold medals.
More info: Started competing in Track & Field when she was 77 years old!

Olga Kotelko

3.  Johanna Quaas 
Age:  86 years old
Sport: Gymnastics
Notable: Set the record for the Oldest Gymnast at a pre-Olympics event in Germany.


4. Ed Whitlock
Age:  81 years old
Sport:  Marathon

Ed Whitlock

5. Jean Stewart 
Age: 83 Year Old Great Great Grandma
Sport: Crossfit

Jean Stewart

6. Ruby Pikes
Age: 64 Year Old Grandmother
Sport:  Physique Competitor

Ruby Pikes

Yearly there is a World Masters Athletics competition for those 70, 80, 90+ years old. Go check out and be inspired.

If you take good care of your body and continue to challenge yourself, mind, body and soul “age ain’t noting but a number”.

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