Confessions of a Yoga Virgin: Part 2: I’m “That girl” in Yoga

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Recap Class #2: Arrived 3 minutes late to the class mainly because I really didn’t want to go. Instead of jumping in my car to get an early arrival like a good student, I jumped onto my computer and killed time creeping checking updates on Facebook. The overwhelming feeling of guilt overtook me as I watched the minutes near the official “get outta my house” time so I listened and off I went to my second yoga class.

I arrived exactly at 6pm on the dot,  I collected my yoga gear sitting it the exact same spot in my trunk from the previous week and headed towards the building. I realized that I didn’t have my water with me so thankfully this particular location had a juice bar.  Yes I NEED water for yoga since  I sweat like I’m in a 100 degree room even tho we are not.  Drinking water also is one of the ways I use to take a much needed break from the poses. In my head I won’t look like I can’t continue holding the pose if my body is demanding water at that exact moment.

Onto the class. So when I arrived the class was quietly sitting in a cross-legged poses, eyes closed and focused on their breathing.  I hunched over to make myself feel invisible and began unrolling my mat. CLINK, CLINK, CLINK my wallet was still open from my recent water purchase and change started falling everywhere.  Meditative state for all…done and I officially became “that girl”.

Now I’m on my mat and I quickly closed my eyes and began listening to the instructor talk us though our breathing. This class I was gum less (lesson learned from the previous class)  so I felt a little more in tune with what was happening without the added chew, chew, chew and “oh, can she see I’m chewing” and “Am I I chewing too loud” chatter in my head.

When it was time to open our eyes I immediately checked where the lady with the huge Flava Flav watch was in the class. Bahhh, she was sitting up front and this time with no watch. Instead she had her watch wrist taped. Universe I hear ya again, loud and clear. I should not be focused on the time but on myself. Got it!

The class itself wasn’t too bad this time around. I think I’m getting it. I’m sure it’s partly due to the unnecessary distractions from the previous week like the watch and my gum chewing. The vinyasa’s (movements that flow in a pattern) were easier to execute without my undeniable urge to remain in Child’s pose for every pose. I think I’m getting this….hmmmm….not quite but I’m definitely headed in the right direction.

My thoughts during this class
“yay me for no gum”
“chewing gum was really throwing my thoughts off”
“hey, my wrists don’t hurt when I’m holding this pose like they were last week”
“shaking, shaking, shaking….ohhh the burn”
“my heels are almost touching the ground”

Although multiple thoughts were in my head during this class I have clearly (in my mind) progressed in becoming closer to working IN than the last time around.

Class complete!!! Mission getting closer to achieving. I got this!!!

On a side note: Later on that evening while I was putting our son to bed he looked up at me as he grabbed his feet and went into “Happy Baby”. ahhhh, melt my heart, my own happy baby and yes, another sign from the yoga universe talking to me.

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