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Our little boy is really into things that are colourful. He loves books that have pages dedicated to a specific colours depicting where the colour can be found in everyday items. Fruit and vegetables come in a rainbow of colours making this Easter themed snack perfect for a fun, educational and tasty activity.

As we explore his creative side with this colourful Easter egg snack hunt we continue to maintain our healthy lifestyle choices for him during this chocolate heavy holiday – we decided to leave the chocolate Easter egg hunt to the grandparents.

To make these healthy and fun treats all you will need
– Plastic Easter Eggs- Various fruits & veggies (cut into bite sized pieces)
– Egg carton to hold the eggs

Easter Egg fruit & veggie closed eggs

Fruit and veggie filled eggs (carrots, grapefruit, mango, celery, blueberries, red peppers, grapes, green peas and bananas). Momma made sure to fill each with his favourite snacks.

 Easter Eggs fruit & veggie open eggs
As ‘Bug’ uncovered each egg he was presented with a yummy healthy treat. When he realized that each egg had a different filling, he began quickly removing all the tops (note the speed of the green egg top).
Eater Egg Hunt snapshots
Best of all the fruit/veggie filled eggs PASSED the test making these a keeper for future Easter traditions in our home.  Maybe next year a few eggs will be filled with some non-food items like a mini car.
Do you have any special Easter traditions you do with your kids each year?

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