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“When it rains, it pours” has been the story of my life recently. Starting back with my serious knee injury a few months ago leaving me unable to walk right before the Christmas holidays. Holidays came and went and before we knew it the New Year had arrived.  With the new year came the decision to sell our home. We love our home but the time has come to a) find a home with a kid friendly layout meaning less multi-levels and split rooms and  b) take advantage of the hot hot hot Spring market and make some $$.

As we waited for Spring to arrive and my knee/leg to get stronger many “to-do’s” kept being added to our ever-growing list. Step #1 prior to listing our home was to stage our home. Staging was a  necessary step in order for potential home buyers to envision themselves living in this space. Purging, organizing and lots and I mean lots of moving around began happening full swing.  Thankfully all our hard work paid off, house sold in one day thanks to my staging tips found HERE:)

As we physically were put to the test, myself with my knee and hubs with a broken hand we also were mentally put to the test. Other ‘life’ issues such as icky taxes, mortgage renewal along with other paperwork our lawyer needed added to the fun times and the chaos of our home full of boxes and limited resources.

We both continued with our “must’s” such as our own separate rehab schedules as well as the list of “to-do’s” that never seemed to end. However, sadly for me as the level of stress physically and mentally increased my lower back felt the load. Great, now another limiting factor that appeared at the wrong time. There’s never the right time for having back issues but seriously now was not the time. On the brighter side, this Ease Low Back Pain stretch did wonders for my low back.

Instead of getting frustrated, depressed or angry of how my body was letting me down, I realized I was forgetting one major detail that would keep me sane….exercise. Yes, moving, lifting, cleaning, up/down stairs, loading/unloading boxes into a storage unit plus my rehab moves all account for movement – lots of it but nothing compared to the movement and more importantly feeling I get when I walk into a gym and get moving.

So off I went to a place I’m comfortable being; a place I shut off my brain; a place where it’s only me and only me – GoodLife Fitness.

Having the membership that granted me access to any of the 300+ cross country Goodlife locations made scheduling this piece of sanity easier.
If I wanted to swim, personally my best form of meditation, I went to a location with a pool.
If I wanted luxury of a seated message chair I went to the location that had this gem waiting for my sore achy body to lay in it and feel the message.
If I wanted to just sit and “just be” while my pores opened up all the locations nearby were equipped with a sauna. I love me some sauna time :)

So needless to say if you’re ever feeling like the skies are pouring down on you figure out what makes you feel at ease and takes you to a happy place and run with it. It will do wonders on your mood and maybe just maybe the skies will listen and stop the downpour. They did for me.

What is your happy place?

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