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When a snack attack hits what do you do? Do you find the closest drive thru restaurant and order something on the fly? Do you wait until your starving and binge on whatever you can get your hands on?

Over the course of the weeks leading up for the official listing date we spent many prepping our house to be show and open house ready. Multiple weekends spent painting made our belly’s hungry and in need of some quick and easy snacks. Good thing our son was covered and spent these weekends at his grandparents house being spoiled like a prince.  However before he was shipped off I’m proud to say Threeworks Apple Chips have passed the biggest test of all….the toddler test.

Threeworks Apple Chips are made with dehydrated Fugi apples that are all natural, fat-free, gluten-free, nut and peanut free, no added sugar, never fried, kosher with no artificial flavors! An assortment of delicious crunchy chip flavors like cinnamon (a crowd favorite), caramel, original, lemon, mixed berries and vanilla with only 2 ingredients! yup only 2!!

Next to the challenging toddler test I brought these treats to work with me to have a group of High Performance Coaches evaluate the chips.Naturally most commented that a real apple was best to eat but did state that some situations may require packaged foods, like travel, after school and between kid programs or clients to name a few.

The majority of them were impressed at the ingredient list and pleasantly surprised at the taste. The cinnamon was the crowd fav (as mentioned) closely followed by the mango.  You can pick up any of these great healthy snacking alternative in a variety of  flavors at any one of these locations.

The Apple Chips get the A+ seal of approval from this momma.

And when you’re busy what is your favorite snack you like to munch on to give you energized?

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