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Supporting local artists that hand make their beautifully crafted masterpieces is something I enjoy doing when traveling.   These markets are where local artists gather everyday to showcase and sell their handmade merchandise that are typically made with material indigenous to that region.  Whether it’s a gift for momfor dad there is something for everyone on your list.  Psst, if you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping and are stuck on that person that is “difficult to buy for”, check out Novica. Note: you still have some time left to order and have before the holidays on many of these items.

One thing I love about this company along with opportunities they are providing to artists around the world is that I now have access to these unique crafts from the comfort of my home. Absolutely I would prefer to visit these regions, Bali, India, Brazil, etc but since I can’t right now that won’t stop this gal from browsing and picking up a few items from the thousands in their catalog.

Novica mantra – Spread Happiness

 – To showcase artisans from around the world for the global market
Empower – Give artisans the guidance and suppor to build their business
Preserve – Maintain artistic traditions

If you’re looking for something unique and crafted with love, Novica is your place. It’s no wonder National Geographic is in association with this company.

Here are a few of my favorites.

NOVICA artisan giftsGifts under $25, $50, $100, $200

1. West Africa – VillageHand Made Wood Centerpiece“Carved by hand, this decorative bowl by Ralph Kwasi Agudze depicts tall trees and an elephant. “Time in the village is very relaxing. You stay away from all the stress in the city,” the artisan confides”.

2. Mexico – Rustic WeightlifterHandcrafted Athlete Recycled Metal Sculpture Mexico
“He hoists the barbells under the watchful eye of his trainer. Spark plugs form the powerful bodies. These muscular weightlifters are crafted from an amazing assortment of bicycle and automobile parts. Armando Ramírez recycles them as rustic art”.

3. India – Poetic BuddhaArtisan Crafted Buddhism Journal 48 Blank Handmade Paper
“Sitting on a lotus throne as befits his divine status, Buddha gestures a mudra while in serene meditation. His image in screen printed on khaki-hued handmade paper for the cover of this journal by Asha Prabha. Trimmed with khaki cotton, the journal features 48 blank handmade paper pages”.

4. Brazil – WondersBrazilian Good Fortune Stretch Agate Bracelets (Set of 3)
“The ultimate gem of protection, agates appear in myriad natural forms in a set of three stretch bracelets. From Joias do Rio, the bracelets are crafted by hand with agate enhanced to a deep, mystical purple hue”.

5. Bali and Java – Gecko GirlWood mask
“Posing on the cheek of a beautiful woman, a playful gecko intertwines a long tail with her tresses. Nyoman Naranata carves the exquisite image by hand from hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each mask is an absolutely unique work of art”.

6. Andes – SplendorReversible alpaca blend ruana cloak
“Isidoro C’cahuantico creates splendid floral motifs in an alpaca wool blend. They appear on a generous ruana, a traditional Andean cloak. Hand-tied fringe edges the reversible wrap, and a matching scarf is attached to theneck”.

Andes – White TendernessHand Carved White Stone Alabaster Nativity Scene
“In this exquisite Nativity Scene the whiteness of the stone of huamanga blends with the refined talent of Juan Licas. Hand-carved with tender patience, the Holy Family, the ox and the donkey are shaped in delicate miniatures inside a safe and warm cave. A message of love and hope, this piece will make a fascinating and joyful present”.

7. Thailand – Thai CloudsNickel and wood photo frame (5×7)
“Inspired by clouds that drift on the summer breeze, Wittaya creates an elegant photo frame. Richly embossed nickel adorns dark rain tree wood to provide the perfect setting for a treasured photograph”.

8.  Central America – Two Green QuetzalsJade pendant
“Prized by the Maya, cool green jade finds a showcase in silver. Pedro Silva crafts this elegant pendant. On the reverse side, two quetzal birds fly above an ancient pyramid. The quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala”.

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Disclosure: Product was provided to me exchange for my honest opinion.

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