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After the birth of our son I noticed that random thoughts would pop into my head, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Thoughts like “hmmmm, I wonder how so-and-so is doing?” referring to someone I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while or “I wonder when “x” will appear?” or “I feel this is going to happen.”  Usually occuring during mid -day and during my drive to pick-up little man, I would quickly forget these thoughts and carry on with the rest of my day.
Keeping this short without the added stories I realized that these thoughts were coming from a much deeper place in my body, deeper than the brain matter itself and far deeper than the hard shelled encasing it rests in. These thoughts were coming from my inner divine self, my intuition. My mommas gut feeling knew something was up or about to happen.  Thoughts that if I listened were telling me something.  Instead, I ignored, my external life took over and I continued on.
As I went into work one of my most trusted colleagues that has studied intensively the yogi philosophy sat me down and educated me on what these “thoughts” were all about.
Wow, with my birthday only a few days away, my 7th year Chakra opening was becoming more and more intense. I blamed it on it being my “mother’s intuition” and naturally most of it is now,  but in the larger picture it was my divine self talking to me.
Interestingly the crown chakra opens up every 7 years. Which means year 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, etc we reach a state of consciousness that allows us to open up ourselves to a higher self.  Truly being with one with yourself and allowing yourself to feel all that is within and around you by being mindful will increase the degree of the 7th Chakra openness. As well as mindful awareness of the other Chakra’s.

My lesson learned is to: Listen to the subtle hints your body gives you. Direct your attention to these subtleties and tune into your own divine self to feel the insight you are being guided towards.

Albert Einstein once said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Have you experienced your intuition taking to you recently?

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