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A key sign to good healthy comes from within and from within I mean your poop, your turd, your doodie, your stool, your fecal matter, your shit! Whatever you want to call it’s a key indicator of what’s happening inside within. Check out these signs that your poop is telling you, no, it’s SCREAMING at you to take a look at it and get the hints about your health.

Stay tuned, 6 helpful tips on how to keep have healthy poop.

A healthy poop resembles a banana in its structure but not in its color, it should be a light brown color .  A healthy bowel movement should be easy to pass,  its fluffy and has no fowl smell.

Poop is 70% water and 30% waste. So if your dehydrated, dehydration disrupts a healthy bowel movement.  If you haven’t gone to the bathroom in two, three, four days….what? what? what? This is your bodys elimination system, this is your body getting rid of shit literally.  This is poop that your body doesn’t need.

6 usual poopie suspects

Flasher: If you can distinguish exactly what you at at lunch in your poop, that’s not good, not good at all. Body is giving you an indication you are dehydrated or inflammation in your digestive system.

Monitor foods and what you ate that day and try an elimination diet to see what your body doesn’t digest and breakdown.

Rabbit poop: If your poop looks like tiny rabbit pellet poop and its hard to pass up your water and fiber intake. Your body is lacking the binder and the ability to push your poop out.

Pusher poop: If you are having difficulty passing the poop and it feels like you are doing a max effort workout, check your diet.  Processed foods or foods your body has a hard time digesting and eliminate can cause the “pusher” poop effect.

Gray poop: If your poop is gray in color or very light in color it’s a sign your body is having a hard time to break down fats.

Diarrhea: This is your body trying to get the “shit” out as fast and as soon as it can, whatever you ate it didn’t like it or want it inside. Regardless of your hydration level, you body will pull water from any which way to get the toxins out.

Uber fowl smelling poop: If you require to put Danger signs all over the bathroom door to warn anyone going in after you of the volatile smell they will encounter, check your diet. Check your diet starting with processed foods.

6 tips on how to prevent the above usual suspects from appearing in your toilet bowl.

1. Drink more water to keep hydrated. Avoid drinking water with your meal as this can dilute the digestive enzymes that work to breakdown your food.
2. Avoid processed food. Try to shop in the parameters of the grocery store.
3. Introduce more raw and real food (correlates with #2)
4. Chew your food. Chewing is the start of the digestive system so chew until food is liquified.
5. Avoid stressors when eating so avoid watching TV or reading the newspaper.  Turn on some calming music. You want your body to be as relaxed as possible when eating. When stressed the blood flow goes to your limbs instead of the digestive system in response to the fight or flight mechanism.
6. Get allergy tested for any food intolerance’s.

Bonus tip:

If having difficulty pooping try putting a small stool under your feet. This helps put the colon in its optimal bowel moving position.

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