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The final long weekend of the summer has arrived and it’s time to switch things up and find new routines that work for us. As I reflect on the summer and the changes that have occurred personally and professionally I’m proud to say that it’s full steam ahead, baby. No more holding back. Time to live my truth.

What’s my full truth, well I can’t tell you that because I don’t really know either. But what I can tell you is that I’m finally comfortable within my own skin. I look at myself and say “Damn, I’m strong, sexy and loved with the most wonderful support system anyone can ask for.” After realizing my current truth with I’m sure many more truths that will begin to unfold along my journey, I found just being free and going with what feels right is where it’s at for me right now, right this moment.

I began singing again (not great and of course off key) but nonetheless I’m singing. I’m sketching again which I love. I am part of family full of artists yet I stopped because I didn’t have the time. The reality is that I just didn’t make the time for this long lost love of mine. I learned that I find comfort and meditation of sorts within each of the above. Combining these loves with my love for the outdoors, my son and my healthy self I ditched the gym and began exercising outside.

Not afraid of who may see or what people may think I ventured into something new (aside from only running alone) and began including my son into my workout sessions. He does his thing such as explore, run, join in and just be free where I lunged, squatted, hill climbed plus much more.

This my friends has worked. It has worked as I snapped out of my funk and got the spring back into my step again.

Over the summer I embarked on this new style of routine and to be honest, I’m going to be sad when the snow hits the ground and I’m back indoors full time again (I don’t run in the snow).

Just to give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about, check out the video below on Working out with a Toddler.  This was the first of many workouts we did together, sort of.  I sang like no one was watching, worked out like a beast and finally didn’t care of the whats, whos and wheres, I just did it.

The full workout consisted of the following moves.

Complete 3 sets of each of the following groups of exercises before moving onto the next group.

Jumping Jacks   15x
High Knees or jog/march on the spot  30x
Jumping squat  15x

‘Box’ jumps or you can do step ups  15x
Single leg squats  15x  right/left
Squats   15x
Push-ups  12x

Walking forward lunges 20x
Walking backward lunges 20x
100 m run

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