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Why You Need To Keep Track Of Your Children’s Internet Activities

Internet safety is one of the most important things that parents can teach their children. With more and more predators and cyber bullies popping up on the internet these days it is now more important than ever that parents understand both the benefits and dangers of the internet. Monitoring your child’s internet usage is perhaps […]

by November 21, 2012July 10, 2021

Intelligently Funny Headline Shirts Reveiw

As a momma I’m sure you know the feeling of your brain running overtime just like a hamster running on its wheel. Forget the thoughts that are culminating in my momma brain sometimes I feel like I’m on my human hamster wheel while on the spin bike. MOMMA SAID THERE WILL BE DAYS LIKE THIS. […]

by November 20, 2012July 10, 2021

DIY BOO-tiful Halloween Mummy

It’s only fitting that someone that educates others on the benefits of stretching have her very own BOO-tiful Halloween Flexy Mummy. I’m sure if hubby had a say to what I should make, a mummy wouldn’t be his first choice of Halloween icons that best represented me. The cold temperature and rain kept us in […]

by October 17, 2012July 10, 2021

Asian Quinoa Sesame Salad

Quinoa, pronounced “keen wah” is a seed (sometimes referred to as a grain) gluten-free super food. A protein source that is high in dietary fibre and loaded in vitamins and all eight essential amino acids The beauty about the quick and easy to make quinoa is that it can be served either hot or cold. […]

by October 12, 2012July 10, 2021

Nuit Blanche inspired DIY painting

Nuit Blanche is the annual all night (7pm – sunrise) creative expression showcase where unique places, institutions and the city landscapes are transformed into colorful and creative masterpieces by various artists. In celebration of this event I decided ‘Bug’ should create his own masterpiece.  So I ventured out and called one of my girlfriend’s who […]

by September 30, 2012July 10, 2021

Carrot-Ginger-Coriander Soup

Perfect for the hot summer to chilly fall weather transition this carrot-ginger-coriander soup is a calming creamy combination of goodness. The bright orange coloring and smooth texture is a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving menu. If you’re having company over the smell of the turkey roasting in the oven plus the delightful aroma the coriander […]

by September 27, 2012July 10, 2021

Homemade Baby Wipes

Save some money and know exactly what you are rubbing onto your baby’s butt with this simple homemade baby wipes solution. Ingredients: 1-2 tbsp liquid baby wash (unscented) 1-2 tbsp baby oil (can also use almond or olive oil) 2 cups of warm water paper towel container large enough to to store the wipes  Optional: […]

by October 18, 2011July 10, 2021