Eater Egg Fruit & Veggie Snack Hunt

Our little boy is really into things that are colourful. He loves books that have pages dedicated to a specific colours depicting where the colour can be found in everyday items. Fruit and vegetables come in a rainbow of colours making this Easter themed snack perfect for a fun, educational and tasty activity. As we […]

5 Time Saving Kitchen Tips for Busy Moms

You have your boss on the line, who’s barking at you to get in early to the office to handle the important client. Your husband decides this the time he can’t find the tie he just absolutely has to wear today. Your kids meanwhile are waiting for their breakfast to be ready and lunches packed. […]

Gluten Free Appetizers: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus and Cucumber Bites

I personally enjoy making these for the Christmas holidays as they decorate the table with festive colors and stimulate the taste buds with an abundance of flavor. These recipes are two fan favorite appetizers among my family and friends. No baking required and the same ingredients used for both except for the veggies.   Prosciutto […]