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Watermelon Punch Bowl

When entertaining, one of my favorite things to do is make a punch bowl using a watermelon. Easy, quick and kind on the wallet. This refreshing drink is full of health benefits and it will make you look like a ROCKSTAR, who can go wrong. First you want to slice off a thin piece off […]

by July 7, 2013July 10, 2021

Healthy Summer Treats For Kids

As a parent, especially during the summer months of unstructured days, you know the challenge you face on how to magically whet your child’s appetite for healthy and yummy snacks while finding ways to let your child help prepare the food and ultimately discover a fun snack food they will enjoy as they grow into […]

by June 7, 2013July 10, 2021

The Shocking Truth About Red Meat

Are you worried about dying? If so, you are not alone.  Facing our own mortality is a common concern – one that we deal with every day as physicians.  Many of the patients in my cardiology practice are there because they are worried about dying.  That is not what they say of course, they come […]

by April 5, 2013July 10, 2021

Meat Patty (bread crumb free)

These easy to make meat patties are a simple way to add some flare to your ground beef. Under 30 minutes total time to make…now who wouldn’t want that? Now why millet flour you ask? Millet has been around for centuries. A relatively unknown gluten free seed that is a source for a variety of […]

by March 22, 2013July 10, 2021

10 Tips on Smart Eating

I’m sure you may have heard the idiom “Eat to live, not live to eat” before.  Being mindful as you nourish your body rather than eating just to eat is what it’s all about. Food takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the stomach and to send the signal to the brain telling it that its […]

by March 16, 2013July 10, 2021

Eater Egg Fruit & Veggie Snack Hunt

Our little boy is really into things that are colourful. He loves books that have pages dedicated to a specific colours depicting where the colour can be found in everyday items. Fruit and vegetables come in a rainbow of colours making this Easter themed snack perfect for a fun, educational and tasty activity. As we […]

by March 8, 2013July 10, 2021

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins

As a celebration for sticking with my new year, new me resolution the baker in me needed to find more recipes. Check out these delicious Paleo Apple Cinnamon Muffins. They are moist, tasty and a great snack for hubby and I. We chose to limit how much of these treats to give ‘Bug” due to […]

by March 1, 2013July 10, 2021

5 Time Saving Kitchen Tips for Busy Moms

You have your boss on the line, who’s barking at you to get in early to the office to handle the important client. Your husband decides this the time he can’t find the tie he just absolutely has to wear today. Your kids meanwhile are waiting for their breakfast to be ready and lunches packed. […]

by February 22, 2013July 10, 2021

Gluten Free Appetizers: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus and Cucumber Bites

I personally enjoy making these for the Christmas holidays as they decorate the table with festive colors and stimulate the taste buds with an abundance of flavor. These recipes are two fan favorite appetizers among my family and friends. No baking required and the same ingredients used for both except for the veggies.   Prosciutto […]

by December 8, 2012July 10, 2021

Asian Quinoa Sesame Salad

Quinoa, pronounced “keen wah” is a seed (sometimes referred to as a grain) gluten-free super food. A protein source that is high in dietary fibre and loaded in vitamins and all eight essential amino acids The beauty about the quick and easy to make quinoa is that it can be served either hot or cold. […]

by October 12, 2012July 10, 2021